Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Always Willing to Help Out

Julie Moynihan can be proud of her voluntary efforts which have spanned some 80 odd years, and at 92 she is still actively helping out...

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Fortress Mentality Unsustainable

AS more waves of asylum seekers head towards Australia, the question of what to do with them when they reach Australian territorial waters becomes increasingly pertinent...

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Sacramental Forgiveness of Sin

THE whole debate on the forgiveness of sin 'through word, gesture and sacrament' as Mass, opened up by Elizabeth Harrington in The Leader (19/8/01) can, I think be best answered by words spoken by Pope John Paul II in an address given in St Peter's Square on 15/6/83...

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A Family Hero

ON Father's Day, it is worth considering the qualities that make a great dad...

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Parents Deserve to be Informed

TWO Catholic school students have died as a result of the meningococcal infection in Queensland and there have been cases reported in at least three other Catholic schools, yet health authorities are still denying there is any reason to be concerned...

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Community Dimension of Sin

ELIZABETH Harrington's points are well made when she says: 'One very important aspect of the Eucharist that is sometimes overlooked is the understanding of it as a sacrament of reconciliation ...

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