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Voice for the Poor

WHAT would the poor do without the St Vincent de Paul Society! Vinnies provides a range of services, for the aged, the housebound sick, the homeless, for prisoners going back into the community, the addicted, for families, for youth, for the needy whatever their circumstances...

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Nothing People

HOMELESS people in Australia?! Indeed there are - many more than those who are visible on our streets...

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Act in Spirit of Humility

THE letters page (CL 22/4/01) contains an interesting range of views - thank heavens for The Leader that it continues to print opinions "across the board"...

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A Life Lived to the Full

THIS week's People profile is on 83 year-old Father Vincent Kiley, (pictured) who as an army chaplain, radio broadcaster and operatic singer has aimed to get the most out of his life...

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Observations on Reconciliation

TO this date I have taken a neutral stand with regard to the reconciliation rite controversy, but several of my personal observations over recent times came to a head during the readings on Palm Sunday which I feel compelled to share...

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Wayne’s Job is Heaven on Earth

THIS week's People profile is on Wayne Bleakley (pictured) who is the first person to hold the position of tourist co-ordinator at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney...

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