Thursday, October 24, 2019
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Time to rethink attitude to Mass

A GREAT deal has been said in The Leader of late about people's non-attendance at Mass because the liturgy is boring, or because they get nothing out of it...

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Filming priest’s story on an island of lepers

THIS week's People story is on director Paul Cox (pictured) who spent months living with lepers during the filming of the movie Molokai, a story about Father Damien and starring David Wenham, which had its Queensland premiere on Saturday, August 3...

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Prayers that helped a soldier to survive

THIS week's People story is on Bernie Gleeson (pictured) who survived the horror invasion of Rabual during World War II with the help of his mother's prayers and what he believes was divine intervention...

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Book that came out of suffering

THIS week's People story is on Ged Cosgrove (pictured) who, after suffering some terrible tragedies during his life, decided to write a book about his experiences with alcoholism and cancer...

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