Thursday, January 30, 2020
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Promise of a year of newness

OUR new year of 2003 AD is already taking on a defined shape, and typically some 'newness' is expected as a blind hope that things change for the better with the new calendar year...

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No case for war

AUSTRALIA'S decision to deploy troops to the Middle East ahead of a declaration of war against Iraq is premature and morally unjustifiable...

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Correct decision

THE Queensland Supreme Court has made the morally and ethically correct decision not to allow a Mackay woman to obtain her dead fiance's sperm so that she can bear a child...

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Changes to adoption law

TO reply to Donna Purcell's question (CL 15/12/02), the push for same sex couples to have the right to adopt children is already here, and has been for some time...

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Spirit of hope in rural Australia

WHILE many people in Australia's cities will be celebrating Christmas in a joyful mood, many others in the bush will have more subdued celebrations, tinged with a spirit of hope...

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