Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Forces of protest

The clear and present danger is that Australia will soon be involved in a war with Iraq, which a majority of Australians do not want...

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Heart and soul

WHOEVER doubted Canberra had a heart and soul would have been amazed by the way the people of the national capital rallied to support their neighbours in the aftermath of the ACT's worst fire disaster in history...

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Papal call ignites ray of hope

THE Pope's call for peace (CL 19/1/03) surely ignites a ray of hope in the hearts of most people, a hope that the spectre of war can be dispelled, and a painless resolution produced for the terrifying situation that exists in the threat to Iraq...

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Promise of a year of newness

OUR new year of 2003 AD is already taking on a defined shape, and typically some 'newness' is expected as a blind hope that things change for the better with the new calendar year...

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