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Proving the existence of God

RICHARD Colledge, in his Question Box article 'How do we know God really exists?' (CL 27/7/03), says that his questioner 'deals with an important issue that all Christians should at some stage confront'...

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Some good news

"IT isn't often that an ordinary priest from a provincial community in Italy makes worldwide news...

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Misleading policy on clearing

IN response to the front page article (CL 20/7/03), 'Taking a green stand', Catholic Justice and Peace Commission executive officer, Mr Peter Arndt, intimated that the CJPC intends to send two pamphlets to parishes, one on the major themes of Catholic teaching on the environment and the other explaining the land clearing issue...

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Our duty to asylum seekers

CHRIS Christensen's reminder (CL 13/7/03) of the call to the rich man to meet the needs of Lazarus at his gate accords well with the recognition by the Geneva Convention on Refugees (of which Australia was both an architect and early signatory) that a nation's primary responsibility is not, as many seem to hold, to the refugee in the overseas camp, but to the one who arrives at our door seeking asylum...

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Towards renewal

THE parish and its members are the cornerstone for renewal under Archbishop John Bathersby's bold plan to revitalise Brisbane archdiocese...

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