Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Faith drives star of Passion

ACTOR Jim Caviezel (pictured), who plays Jesus in Mel Gibson's upcoming movie The Passion, had considered quitting showbusiness until an amazing string of coincidences turned his life around...

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Priest all revved up

THIS week's People story is on Albany Creek parish priest, Fr Ron Mollison (pictured), whose commitment to parish duties will preclude him from indulging in another passion for motor racing at this weekend's Indy race on the Gold Coast...

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Mother of humility

MOTHER Teresa's beatification today is an important milestone recognising a humble woman whose name and blue and white sari-clad figure was a model of compassion and self-sacrifice to people around the world...

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Heartbreak of broken marriage

I AM deeply aware that I am, so to speak, opening the proverbial Pandora's Box by raising the subject of the readings at Mass on October 5, but now and then we really must accept the challenge and look more deeply into the meaning of what the Gospel teaches and the effect it must have on our own lives...

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Blessed by God

IT was a warm and sunny Sunday morning in the spring of 1973, when an amiable man in red robes put his hand around my shoulder and beamed a big smile as he thanked me in Polish...

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