Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Mum’s tears for missing Daniel

THIS week's People story is on Sunshine Coast mother Denise Morcombe (pictured), who has not seen her teenage son Daniel since he disappeared on December 7, 2003, while waiting for a bus...

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Where’s Daniel?

IT would have to be every parent's nightmare - not knowing what has happened to their son or daughter...

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Crying out for real miracles

THERE are 500,000 innocent and as yet unborn children still suffering from the causes of Agent Orange sprayed by the Americans during the war in Vietnam...

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Being there in times of need

THIS week's People story is on Gemma Hockey (pictured), who has been a volunteer hospital chaplain at Caboolture Hospital, north of Brisbane, for the past eight years...

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Anzac statistics tell true story

NANCY Brown (CL 23/5/04) and Jim Dowling (CL 18/4/04) both express concern about how school Anzac Day commemorations may give false ideas about the situation our human family faces...

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Case against abortion grows

A NEW poll in Queensland which found that 62 per cent of people believe abortion involves the taking a human life shows that there are good grounds for making it harder not easier to procure...

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