Monday, October 14, 2019
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Reality of divorced Catholics

THE recent Australian Catholic bishops' National Family Gathering, despite what may have been the positive response of those who attended, nevertheless failed to speak to the lived reality experienced by many people today...

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Which is lesser of two evils?

THE problem with Fr Kevin Ryan's view (CL 30/5/04), as I have seen it, is the difficulty in responding to evil that prevails when a response is required according to basic moral standards...

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An ethical life drives success in big business

THIS week's People story is on Commonwealth Bank chairman and interim chairman of Telstra, John Ralph (pictured), who attributes his longevity and respect in big business to his strong appreciation of ethics and his Catholic faith...

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Too easy to kill unborn

IT is of serious concern that young teenage girls could be using the morning after pill as a 'quick fix' after a casual sexual encounter...

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Role of work in divine plan

THE recent statement of the Australian Catholic bishops on federal election issues (CL 6/6/04) preserves a clear separation between Church and state...

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Mum’s tears for missing Daniel

THIS week's People story is on Sunshine Coast mother Denise Morcombe (pictured), who has not seen her teenage son Daniel since he disappeared on December 7, 2003, while waiting for a bus...

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Where’s Daniel?

IT would have to be every parent's nightmare - not knowing what has happened to their son or daughter...

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