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Malaise hits the young

WHAT is happening to our young people?It's a question that needs to be asked in light of the statistics from Kids Help Line that show a dramatic increase in the number of young Australians committing self-harm...

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Birth control and abortion

THE review by Terry Oberg (CL 27/2/05) of Jack Dominion's latest book opposing the Church's position on artificial birth control deserves a response...

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Love of planet guides journey

This week's People story is on US Franciscan Sister Marya Grathwohl (pictured), who says a love of the planet is at the heart of her passion for creation spirituality and ecological justice...

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Faith helps on disaster scene

This week's People story is on Queensland Police Sergeant Scott McLaren (pictured), who says he could not do his job of identifying dead people in tragedies such as the Bali bombing and the Asian tsunami without his faith...

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Different model of service

THE submission of the National Council of Priests to the Vatican in connection with the shortage of priests (CL 6/2/05) contains a suggestion for the ordination of men for particular communities (especially small and isolated?)...

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A voice for children

THIS week's People story is about author Tess Rowley (pictured), who has written a book called I Feel Scared When Mum and Dad Fight, aimed at children affected by domestic violence...

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