Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Silent sentinel of faith

THE powerful image of Pope John Paul II trying unsuccessfully to read his Easter blessing has again shown this to be a man who is an example of strength and deep faith amid frailty and impairment...

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Vatican spin on ill Pope

IS Vatican City turning into "Spin City" now that the Holy Father's remarkable trajectory of life is entering a final stage of immutable silence and ineffable suffering? The question is important, not least because the Pope has led the world's largest religious organisation with the demonstrable vigour and strength of a spiritual and physical athlete...

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Ecumenical messenger

THIS week our People story is on Msgr John Radano (pictured), from Newark archdiocese in the United States, who is a member of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity...

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Nature’s design affirmed

IN regard to Fr Mark Percival (CL 6/3/05) on 'the much vexed question of human sexual orientation and gender identity that is so fundamental to all humankind', it is safe to say there are no other two realities in the universe with as many points of mutual complementarity than the two human sexes...

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From ‘Idol’ to Easter faith

This week's People story is on former Australian Idol competitor Conrad Sewell (pictured), who, at 16, will be confirmed into the Catholic Church this Easter...

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A sure way to help bolster book’s sales

AN Italian cardinal's decision to criticise Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code has unfortunately given the book a free promotional push that will only serve to bolster its already high sales...

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Funding chop lacks sensitivity

THE decision to withdraw funding for lay Catholic agency PALMS, in its work to recruit and support volunteers in lesser fortunate countries, is an example of bureaucratic insensitivity to the needs of people in these countries...

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