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Babies dying unnoticed

IT is very timely that the Pope has brought the subject of abortion to our attention ("Abortion a crime against all", CL 11/12/05)...

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Santa’s Christmas wish

THIS week's People story is on Eddie (Santa Claus) Kopcikas (pictured), who is spearheading the St Vincent de Paul Society's Queensland Christmas Toy Appeal...

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Preaching to a ‘virtual’ flock

THIS week's People story is on South Melbourne parish priest Fr Bob Maguire (pictured) who is attracting a growing army of fans since he started co-hosting the SBS TV show Speaking in Tongues...

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Van Nguyen’s legacy

VAN Tuong Nguyen's crime of trying to smuggle 400g of heroin through Singapore was admittedly serious, but the death sentence is never the answer to this or any other crime...

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Double standards on life matters

RICHARD Congram, in "Unborn on 'death row' ignored" (Have your Say, CL 27/11/05), vividly described the dilemma that arises when our society, through abortion, arbitrarily deems an unborn child's life largely worthless, while condemning Singapore for just as arbitrarily deeming a convicted drug dealer's life worthless...

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Great evil of drugs is to blame

This is an edited text of the homily FR PETER DILLON gave in St Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane on the morning of December 2 at around the time Van Tuong Nguyen was hanged in Singapore.

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Sip from heaven

THIS week's People story is on award-winning Brisbane wine educator and champagne consultant Bernadette O'Shea (pictured), who talks about her faith and her favourite wines...

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