Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Passionate about changing the world

THIS week's People story is on Rome based Sant'Egidio Community executive member Claudio Mario Betti (pictured), who was in Brisbane recently as a guest speaker for the Helder Camara Lecture Series...

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Evil of contraceptive pill

NORMAN Rogers (CL 22/1/06) conveys a view about the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) commonly held by a significant proportion of Catholics...

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Respect for human life

THIS week's People story is on Queensland Bioethics Centre director Ray Campbell (pictured) who believes Australian society has become to accepting of the destruction of young human life...

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People have spoken

THE people have spoken in overwhelming numbers that they do not want RU486 admitted into Australia as an abortion drug...

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Call for justification in parliament

THE article by Ray Campbell (CL 22/1/06) has served to alert us all to an apparent attempt by Mr Beattie to bypass the legislative process in order to allow carte blanche in Queensland what can be done with human embryos...

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Caution over research on Pill

OUR Church should be careful when evaluating the statistical research findings relating to such a delicate psycho-somatic phenomenon as female libido...

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