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Reflection needed at Communion time

IN The Catholic Leader dated 11/2/07, Elizabeth Harrington asks "Why is the logical pattern of the other hymns at Mass not followed when it comes to the communion hymn?"I think that the answer is that there is a big difference between the Communion hymn and the other hymns...

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Friends chip in for a good sport

IN this week's People story, Keith Brown (pictured), well known Catholic Leader tennis correspondent and Inala parishioner, talks about some of his marathon tennis matches and his battle with cancer...

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Sunday ecumenical services not advisable

A reading of the letter by Chris Davidson in the Catholic Leader of March 11, 2007, indicates that it is high time for (some) Church members to engage in a re-reading of the encyclical by Pope John Paul II, entitled Ut Unum Sint (That They May be One), May, 1995, and of the document known as 1993 Directory for Ecumenism...

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Finding the way to peace

A number of Australia's near neighbours are experiencing violent internal strife. Deacon Gary Stone explores the reasons for this and the way to peace:.

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Don’t forget neighbours

IN this week's People story, Brisbane man Michael Stone (pictured) talks about his two and a half years in East Timor as an officer with the Australian army and how his faith was challenged but ultimately enriched by his experiences there...

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God’s love lifts life out of black hole

IN this week's People story, Brisbane woman Bronwen Healey (pictured) and author of the book Trophy of Grace talks about her inspiring journey from drug addiction and prostitution to founder of the Hope Foundation...

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