Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Mission to fight modern slavery

THIS week's People story features Queensland-born Good Samaritan Sister Pauline Coll (pictured), who is fighting the modern day slave trade, known today as human trafficking...

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Health of mission

KATE ENGLEBRECHT explores how to build Catholic health organisations which are financially efficient, effective and able to respond to changes while at the same time being strong stewards of a mission and culture which puts care for people, service to others and relationships first.

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Unborn warrant social justice

BISHOP Christopher Saunders' criticism of the obscenity of the execution of Saddam Hussein (CL 14/1/07) is accurate, however his call that the Australian Government should have done more to stop it seems to somewhat contradict the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference's (ACBC) criticism of Australia's ongoing involvement in Iraq...

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Twin brothers are twin fathers

THIS week's People story features US-based identical twin brothers, Frs Bruce and David Noble (pictured), who returned to Brisbane recently on a brief visit...

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