Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Days full of hope

ARCHBISHOP John Bathersby, addressing the crowd at the Heart of the City Fiesta of Faith in Brisbane last weekend, summed up the hope World Youth Day could hold for us when he said, "Faith, energy, happiness and joy ...

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Married priest’s offer

THE letter from Pat Walker (CL 29/6/08) reflects sensibly and practically on the crisis facing so many parishes throughout Australia because of the crippling shortage of priests...

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Grace will flow

We are likely only to hear a tiny fraction of the stories of grace associated with World Youth Day 2008 being held in Sydney this week...

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Re-calling of priests

I READ with great interest Pat Walker's letter (CL 29/6/08) on the shortage of priests and the suggested ordination of women...

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Occasion of great joy

THE ordination of a priest is a most joy-filled occasion for the Church, as Brisbane archdiocese has just experienced with the ordinations of Frs Peter Gablonski and Jason Middleton...

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No scriptural basis

PETER Phillips (CL 22/6/08) claims there is a scriptural basis for the Church's position on the ordination of women...

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Building on a faith that’s solid as a rock

IN this week's People story, Tracey Rowland, pictured, Queensland-born Dean of Melbourne's John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family and author of an internationally acclaimed book on Pope Benedict XVI talks about some of her academic and spiritual influences...

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Unknown blessings await

HOW many people like Patrick Barrett (page 1) will be touched by the blessings of World Youth Day and feel called back to live their faith? We will never know, but hearing stories like Patrick's can be uplifting...

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