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It is not the fault of the sick

A SIMPLE definition of democracy is government by the people, for the people. In a large democracy like ours we elect people, according to areas to speak and work for us. We give them our trust that they share the best interests of their people. We entrust to them all the monies that are collected from the people for the ... Read More »

Bowing could give rise to confusion

I REFER to Selina Venier’s column in The Catholic Leader (Family Faith, 4/5/14) on the topic of Mass etiquette. I do agree with her suggestions to proper Mass requirements – appropriate dressing for Mass is high on my list of recommendations as well as sufficient time for preparation and thanksgiving at so sacred an event as the holy sacrifice of ... Read More »

God is more concerned about our character than career

I WRITE to commend Brian Moore’s column in the April 27’s Catholic Leader. He writes very well for Australian Catholic Christians, and for all Christians, especially those in other affluent and so-called “First World” countries with Christian heritage. Brian asks this question: “Do we as Christians realise that God is more concerned about our character than our career?” This is ... Read More »

Thanking God for Michael Putney

HOW touching but how appropriate to open The Catholic Leader ( March 30) a day after Bishop Michael Putney’s death and find the “Regional” section devoted to Townsville Diocese and see evidence of his devotion to and joy in his people and his work to the end. Those of us lucky enough to have known him and worked with him ... Read More »

Opportunity to meet asylum seekers

I READ with keen interest the four letters in last week’s  “Have your Say” segment, which dealt in some way with asylum seekers and their predicament and Government policy. In May 2010 I wrote to my Federal member suggesting that “a series of electoral discussions be held” and “if the discussions are seen to be fruitful they could become a model ... Read More »

‘Stopping the boats’ needs a rethink

THE following is my response to the letter by Alan Lee in The Catholic Leader on March 9. Any loss of life is to be lamented including those asylum seekers who have tragically drowned in their attempts to reach Australia by boat. Do we hear anyone asking the questions why people seeking protection are prepared to risk their lives and ... Read More »

Leader changes appreciated

I WOULD like to express my appreciation at the changes which I have noticed in The Catholic Leader since its re-launch late last year. I work at the Mater Hospital and for quite some time have sat to flick through the paper each week. To begin with that was enough for me, but lately I have been finding so many ... Read More »

We can do better for asylum seekers

I AGREE with Michael Cashman (CL 2/3/14) “governments are obliged to look at the broader picture”. But that is just where we are not well served by our current and previous leaders. There is no attempt to present us with the world situation regarding movement of asylum seekers and refugees, the reasons for this movement or the proportionate flow to different nations and, ... Read More »

Dice rolling wrong way on gambling

FATHER John Flynn’s report (CL 23/2/14) portrays a depressing picture; with particular emphasis being given to the part that poker machines play in the overall problems associated with gambling. He quotes from an international report that Australia ranks highest in the world for gambling, and losses, per person. Despite the efforts of some independent politicians, such as Nick Xenophon and ... Read More »

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