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Well done

THANK you Emilie Ng for the coverage you provided in the Leader of August 24 concerning the achievements of Jesuit Father Greg Boyle and his Homeboy initiative, that has proved so effective in Los Angeles Bandit zones. The Catholic Prison Mission and other similar objective groups have consistently confronted the problems identified by Fr Boyle, but evaded by the Queensland ... Read More »

Well done Archbishop Mark

MY Nigerian son in law, living in Sydney, was so excited that Archbishop Mark Coleridge cared enough to go to Nigeria for his priests’ ordination ceremony. Well done Archbishop Mark and well done to The Catholic Leader for the great reporting and pictures of such happy faces at the event. Susan MacleodNewcastle, QLD   Read More »

Questioning media’s motives on abortion

THE national media is in top form with their denials about abortion problems. They castigated Fred Nile for disclosing the reason of suicide by a very well known and loved woman. Charlotte Dawson openly talked in her diary about an abortion causing her depression. The media does not want to know. They are blasting Senator Eric Abetz about his comments ... Read More »

Free us from evil

RECENTLY several media outlets carried reporting upon the attack against MH17 by Ukraine rebels that was particularly distressing.  The falling of Mystery Woman No. 26 into the home of Inna Tipunova personified intensely the failure to care for one of our own.  Then the words from Inna Tipunova, also a Ukraine resident.  She recounted how “… everyone cried for two ... Read More »

‘Calvary’ is a must-see movie for everyone

THE Catholic Leader did a good thing in recently offering free passes to the movie, “Calvary”. Everyone needs to see it. George Bernard Shaw’s “Saint Joan” (1924) contains a dialogue between two churchmen. One had just realised what cruelty he had committed in his past actions. His listener retorts that surely the sufferings of Christ are enough to bring about ... Read More »

Young children easily learn to love Mary

A SALUTE to the St Rita’s Parish Rosary Group, Victoria Point, on fostering love of the Rosary among primary school pupils, as reported in The Catholic Leader, June 15. Teachers know that young children identify with Mary as a gentle, loving Mother.  It is easy and natural for them, and they love learning how to pray with – and cherish ... Read More »

Right to be treated with compassion

I NOTE in the issue of June 1 a photo of carnage due to a bomb blast in Nigeria, which killed at least 118 people and will leave others crippled for life. We are fortunate in Australia that our cities aren’t disfigured by shell-shocked buildings, smoking ruins and dead citizens. I feel your correspondent Frank Pulsford, of Aspley, is unduly ... Read More »

Action needed on faith in our schools

CATHOLIC bishops attending the Oceania bishops conference raised discussion on the overdue issue of “overwhelming religious illiteracy” in Catholic schools due to the loss of Catholic identity in the formative years of upbringing. In other words Catholic schools have fallen short over the years in their basic charter of evangelism. Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett also stated that “ordinary parish life” was ... Read More »

Imposing new hardships on the people

CATHOLIC organisations like the St Vincent de Paul Society must continue to be vocal in their criticism of the recent federal budget. The budget is about the destruction of the remnants of a fairer and more egalitarian society. It deserves the prominent negative coverage it received in The Catholic Leader on May 25. The progressive elements of the Australian settlement ... Read More »

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