Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Hoping for faith-filled action

QUESTIONING the validity of some teachers to teach religion in our schools when they are not leading lives in accordance with the faith they espouse - re Fr Kevin Ryan's column (CL, 6/6/10) - gives credence to concern for the low attendance of school leavers at Sunday Mass.

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Time to have a say

BRISBANE archdiocese's Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) executive officer Peter Arndt points out that "the Church should not be telling Christians how to vote, but the Church can be a voice for people who do not have power or influence" (Page 3).

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Hope on vocations front

THE many parishes and individuals in Queensland dioceses who have been praying for vocations to the priesthood have good reason to be excited about the news on the front page this week.

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Pro-abortion PM hype

DESPITE the euphoria over Julia Gillard's sudden accession to the Prime Ministership, we all have good reason to exercise caution and examine her bona fides.

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Thank you Fr Ryan

I'm writing to you from Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre to ask if we, all the men, could say a big congratulations to Fr Kevin Ryan for his golden jubilee of ordination, and for his devotion to the Lord, the Church and the people whose lives he has come into for the past 50 years.

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Opting for freedom

THE recent ruthless operation of dumping one Prime Minister for another left the nation stunned because it was so swift and sharp.

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God bless their efforts

THE Pregnancy Crisis Inc's vision (CL 11/6/10) for live-in accommodation for mothers experiencing vulnerable pregnancies is to be commended.

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