Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Where would we be?

WHAT a blessing and timely gift from God, was the emerging of Francis, as our pope and motivator. His communication to the Prime Minister, in advance of the G20 summit, may just motivate members of our Australian Church leadership group, to engage more robustly in the areas of national administration that impact upon the ideals promoted with limited success from ... Read More »

Urging care for animals

TO the cutouts covering my fridge I recently added another; it was the one from The Catholic Leader of November 16 – the story, complete with photo, of Lottie the kitty-cat who was waiting for some warm-hearted person-family to collect her from the Warra Rehoming Centre. While moving magnets around to make room I suddenly realised that I was placing ... Read More »

Needing a place to belong

I’VE seen many stories over the past few months about the increasing risk of Muslim extremists in Australia, flying to the Middle East and fighting for the Islamic State. From what I’ve studied on this topic, there are two basic ways to combat extremism in Australia – a top-down government approach or a community based approach focused on inclusivity. At ... Read More »

Whitlams stood strong on marriage

GIVEN the Whitlams’ stable and devoted marriage which produced four children and lasted until Mrs Whitlam’s death over 60 years later, the Whitlams may have given more thought to the institution than Fr Gregory Jordan infers (“Former PM farewelled”, CL 2/11/14). If they didn’t then given their result perhaps we should all start calling marriage a piece of paper. The Family Law ... Read More »

A child loved by all

HAVING just read your story on Down Syndrome, I feel I could cry (CL October 26). Not for the children, but for the parents who will never know the absolute joy they have missed out on. We were privileged to have our son born in 1964 with Down Syndrome. The first time we knew that there was a problem was ... Read More »

Keep it up team

PLEASE accept my deep admiration for the way you have delivered the most comprehensive reporting I have seen for a long while with a diversity of subject but all of which are supremely relevant to our Church; undergoing at one end of the spectrum crises, persecution and enormous challenges and the other an enthusiastic renewal especially from some of our ... Read More »

Playing music for God

THANK you Elizabeth Harrington for your wonderful description of a parish musician (CL October 5). I had a laugh when I read it because it was all so true. Providing music for Mass is certainly a challenging job. But apart from all the difficulties I think playing music in the Mass is also one of the most rewarding jobs a ... Read More »

Brace for more chaos

FR John Flynn’s story, Euthanasia extends its scope,  (CL October 12) reminded me of a blatantly pro suicide-euthanasia story on the ABC’s Drum website. I then angrily wrote this letter but for some reason, maybe dissipated anger, didn’t send it on. Sadly for us all there is more than just the bending of some rules on euthanasia as Fr Flynn reports. ... Read More »

Prayers for priests, religious amid trials

I enjoy the contributions to The Catholic Leader from lay members of our faith community, particularly when we are reminded about the centrality of a loving family environment into which our most vulnerable young and older can be nourished by faith in Jesus.   It is good however to see some thought being given to the murkier side of life ... Read More »

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