Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Asylum seeker support in parishes

WITH the seemingly intractable problem of asylum seekers in Australian public discussion, would it be possible to present to all political parties a circuit breaker, a proposal for wide solid support of a Community Refugee Settlement (CRS) Scheme?

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A brilliant film experience

Its greatest appeal for me was the uncomplicated spirituality and trust within the community of Trappists in their remote Algerian setting.

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We are mocking one of the greatest gifts

RIGHT indeed to challenge this issue of abortion, we have no conceivable idea how prevalent is this scourge as science gives us the ability to thwart the fruit of our actions, and we play havoc with the gift of life our Father has given to us to bring into existence the next generation.

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Bishops call us to give

THE Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has echo-ed a call from Pope Benedict XVI as it urges the nation to come to the aid of the people of Africa (Page 3).

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Families are on the outer in our society

IT is curious that we bewail the throwing of a miscarried foetus into the hospital garbage, yet throw 100,000 aborted foetuses a year into various hospital garbage bins around the country (The West Australian, 14/7/11).

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It’s time for action on abortion

RE "Youth urged to stand up for the unborn", I applaud The Catholic Leader for giving prominence to the address at Faith on Tap by Abby Johnson, wherein she urged the youth of our state and nation to "get active" in the battle against the abortion industry.

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Prayers for new nation

JOY and hope take over for the Catholic Sudanese living in Brisbane and Toowoomba dioceses (Page 3) as they join international celebrations for the establishment of the new African nation of South Sudan.

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To remain silent is evil

ONCE, when working in New York, I witnessed saintly Mother Teresa being quizzed on TV news as to what is the worst sin in the eyes of Almighty God.

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