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Attend unto reading

TOWARDS the close of last year The Catholic Leader published a review of Brother Brian Grenier’s book Attend Unto Reading. The review was such that I determined to look into this publication further – maybe I could reduce the number of Christmas presents still to be bought.  On perusal of Br Grenier’s book where the review stated sales were available ... Read More »

Appreciating being Catholic today

WE have had many letters from committed Catholics in The Catholic Leader in recent weeks questioning the nature of the current state of Church life. What fascinates me is that these correspondents obviously attend Mass on a regular basis and yet never seem to hear much from the pulpit to stimulate their thinking and help them get some comfort in ... Read More »

Courage and wisdom

THE page 2 column in the January 25 edition by Father Aidan Carvill struck a chord with me. As a father of eight and committed Catholic I am often bewildered by the number of students exiting the Catholic education system who seem to have so little knowledge of and commitment to their faith. I believe that the words spoken by ... Read More »

Time to take action

IT’S always great to see your readers standing up for the lives of our unborn brothers and sisters in your letters page, (The Catholic Leader, January 25).   However it didn’t take much reading to realise that I seemed to be reading an unpaid ad. Of course the writer is correct about the Labor party, whose biggest scourge is Emily’s ... Read More »

Situation of hope?

STEVE Kilburn, who formerly worked in the Manus Island detention centre at the time of the previous riots that resulted in the death of Reza Barati and the injuring of several other detainees, has felt obliged to speak out of his experience again, (ABC 7.30 Report, January 19) given what is now happening. He asks some pertinent questions. How can it ... Read More »

Full of admiration

THE December 21 edition of The Catholic Leader provided exceptional relevant variety of subjects for the readership. None were more interesting than Peter Bugden’s sententious review of the career of a proud Catholic, John Sattler. Quite apart from my interest and support of rugby league, my regard for John was inflated when I witnessed his selfless time and talent sharing ... Read More »

Overcoming evil

THE tragic events in recent weeks such as the deaths of two innocent people in the Martin Place siege have perhaps tempted us to feel that we are the helpless victims of forces of hate in a world out of control. The “evil is among us” front-page headline of a recent tabloid newspaper seems to confirm that response. On the ... Read More »

Asylum-seeking is not illegal

“DISHONEST and unprincipled” aptly describe Australia’s mistreatment of asylum seekers, for it is premised on the political lie that seeking protection from persecution is illegal, when in law it is not, and Australia has not withdrawn from the 1951 UN Refugee Convention. We remain bound by it.  Politicians may claim that they have to be cruel to be kind, but ... Read More »

Time to speak out for farmers

POOR Prime Minister Tony Abbott could never get a pat on the back in the The Catholic Leader pages for mostly anything, especially with regard to the G20 Summit, although the Holy Father was gracious in his letter of his hopes for the leaders. One would think that the political arm of the archdiocese, the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission would be more outspoken ... Read More »

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