Thursday, March 4, 2021
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A treasure of the Church

AS a seminarian receiving formation in both the Extraordinary Form and the Ordinary Form of the Mass, I hear many whoppers about the Latin Mass. One such myth is that in the Latin Mass the priest “turns his back on the people”. At Mass, the priest asks the congregation to pray “that my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to ... Read More »

Unexpected attacks

THE Catholic Leader is to be congratulated on the prominence given to the attack on the teaching of the Church on the nature of marriage as being between a man and a woman. There were two good articles on the subject in the July 5 issue: one in defence of the distribution of the bishops’ pastoral letter on the subject ... Read More »

Devotion on show

ANYONE paying their respects at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, St Joachim’s, Holland Park, last week would have been pleased to see a beautiful bunch of freshly cut flowers at the statue’s feet. I was doing some tidying up around the grotto at the time the flowers were delivered. The car drove into the church ground with some ... Read More »

Promoting health

INTERNATIONAL Men’s Health Week runs ran from June 2015 15 – 21. Teaching young boys and men about drugs and alcohol and sexual health is a focus for Youth Off The Streets. Many parents view these topics as taboo, but we can’t just ignore potential dangers because they’re difficult to talk about.  I’ve seen many young men and boys at ... Read More »

No contradiction

I RESPOND to the letter “Big Bang bunkum” from the Catholic Leader of April 5.  The letter writer appears to believe that the Big Bang theory is incompatible with belief in a Creator God. I am sure that this would come as a surprise to Monsignor Georges Lemaitre, the Belgian Jesuit priest, physicist and astronomer who first proposed what is ... Read More »

Human sexuality

IN a recent ABC TV interview federal Labor leader Bill Shorten boasted of having “stood up to the Australian Christian Lobby over ‘same-sex marriage’”. Unfortunately, it seems many modern-day so-called Catholics see themselves as free to agree with him. Likewise, and while we should all reject bullying, our society’s laws and actions no longer extend proper protection to the vulnerable ... Read More »

Time to show mercy

I RESPOND to the letter “Critical issues”, from The Catholic Leader of March 22. I acknowledge that the question of asylum seekers and refugees is a complex issue for Australians. The UNHCR says that there are now 50 million refugees in the world, of which it has processed 12 million. Sadly when the UNHCR asked countries to accommodate these people ... Read More »

Real issues addressed

HOW refreshing was the letter published from John Morris, in The Catholic Leader’s letters of March 15. John redirected attention to the real, but issues that are afforded only cursory attention by our political assembly and the circus-and-cake media majority. The disproportionate attention directed by our Prime Minister and his Foreign Affairs Minister, to the Indonesian criminal appeal process affecting ... Read More »

Christians stand up

DEFENDERS of the Christian model of marriage and family are being abused in the media because of the silent majority of Christians who will not stand up for their faith. The Toowoomba Chronicle last week indicated “Toowoomba residents have responded angrily to a TV ad campaign targeting the same-sex marriage lobby”. How is it that highlighting problems with an issue ... Read More »

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