Friday, February 28, 2020
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How to enjoy being single

HOW does one take delight or pleasure in being single, when we are made for union with an other?  The loneliness we experience in this time is not so much emptiness as is it a stirring of desire that awaits fulfilment.  We become restless for romance.  When we fall in love, that special person consumes our every thought and being. ... Read More »

Living in the lucky country is a blessing for Australians

MY parents always told me that we were lucky to be born in Australia. To a degree, I understood what they meant, but I figured that it just had something to do with the great weather, the beaches, or religious freedoms. It didn’t truly hit me until I left its safe, free, prosperous shores in pursuit of love. I’ve since ... Read More »

Why it’s ok to be a young Mum

BEING a “young mum” was never something I really thought about. I met my husband, fell in love, got married and had my first child just after my twenty-first birthday. My third child was born just before I turned 26. They were the days where all the mums were having their babies before 30 – there was a lot of ... Read More »

The Christmas gift of life together

By Dr Ryan Messmore THERE we were in the maternity ward awaiting the birth of our first son.   My wife, Karin, grimaced in pain as another contraction began.   That was my cue. I pressed “play” on my laptop computer and turned the screen toward her. Surprised and a bit confused, she watched a 60-second video of one of ... Read More »

Faith and reason: two wings to knowing truth

By Dr Ryan Messmore WHAT’S a four-letter word for a freshwater fish whose second letter is “a”?  Take five seconds and fill in the answer on the top row of the crossword puzzle (going across). Now for the far right column (going down): What’s a four letter word meaning “meat from a pig”? Chances are, you feel pretty confident that ... Read More »

Taking a rest on the Lord’s day

By Clare Burns HARVARD Medical School says sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory and learning. While these experts state they don’t know why we need sleep, without it our reasoning, problem-solving ability and attention to detail suffers. In short – rest is important. The bible often makes reference to rest, even Jesus and his disciples needed ... Read More »

One year in the Lord’s vineyard

Fr Nicholas Okafor, an associate pastor in Surfers Paradise parish, wrote this reflection for his parishioners to mark his first anniversary of ordination – July 19.   IT is hard to believe that it’s already been 12 months since I said “Yes” to the call of God. It’s just like yesterday come and gone. I haven’t stopped asking God “Who ... Read More »

Walking with Jesus Christ


BLESSED Frederic Ozanam founded the St Vincent de Paul Society 179 years ago on the values of believing the Word, Gospel values, loving and trusting God, having integrity, living for others, and becoming the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  These wonderful values gave members of the society’s Vincentian family deep roots and an anchor on ... Read More »

Praise be to you, Lord

Ladauto Si', the Hobbit and Tolkien

By Archbishop Charles Chaput THE First World War lingers in the memory as humanity’s first encounter with industrialised killing on a mass scale. New weapons of the machine age obliterated forests, villages and fields – an entire way of life. This new type of war also deeply shaped the thinking of men who experienced it first-hand. Among them were JRR Tolkien ... Read More »

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