Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Asylum seekers returned to torture

Torture concerns

By Peter Arndt IN their efforts to stem the flow of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka, both the former Labor Government and the new Coalition Government have adopted a practice of “enhanced screening” to remove Sri Lankan asylum seekers from the refugee processing pathway as quickly as possible and return them to their homeland without any substantial examination of their ... Read More »

Liturgical and sacramental ministry of deacon explained

Anthony Gooley

ABOUT DEACONS By Dr Anthony Gooley IN a previous column we looked at the deacon at Mass. In this we will look at some of the other liturgical and sacramental ministry of deacons. What is said here refers to deacons in the Roman Church and not Eastern Catholic churches and will only be a brief outline of this aspect of ... Read More »

Celebrating Blessed John Paul II’s ‘new feminism’

Pope John Paul II

By Anna Krohn TWENTY-five years ago, Blessed Pope John Paul II, promulgated his Apostolic Letter On the Vocation and Dignity of Women (Mulieris Dignitatem). In this letter, he introduced a new language, interpretative frameworks and an alternative way of discussing the role of women in the Church, society and history. Throughout his long and prolific pontificate, the Polish pope would ... Read More »

Loneliness can crowd us in

crowd shot

This is a syndicated column by Bernard Toutounji.  Listen to the audio podcast below, or read the blog post taken from Foolish Wisdom. Click here to listen to the podcast EACH year, as so many of us wrap gifts, baste the Christmas turkey and look forward to the holiday fun, there is a growing proportion who will neither receive a ... Read More »

The pandemic of porn

Net search

By Paul Ninnes  THERE is a pandemic that is decimating communities the world over. Nobody is immune and more and more people are becoming exposed daily. Once it gets hold it often leads to death and destruction. The Church is not immune. In fact, I’d suggest that this disease is almost as prevalent in our own pews, despite the fact ... Read More »

The Classical World


This is a talk presented by DR RYAN MESSMORE at the Faith and Freedom Conference at St Augustine’s Classical Christian College, Perth.   WHEN I was in graduate school studying theology and ethics, I learned a lot about the intersection of two worlds: the classical world and the early Christian world. I took ancient languages like Latin and Hellenistic Greek, ... Read More »

Advent: the Church recalls her faith in the Comings of Christ


By Fr Joel Wallace   In the commercially saturated environment that ushers in the season of Christmas in the popular experience of most Australians today, the significance of Christ’s coming among us not infrequently seems lost to memory. For a great many Christian Australians, however, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day contains a poignant memory of the Christ-child born at Bethlehem, ... Read More »

Taking a seat in the gaze of Christ

michaela hillam

By MICHAELA HILLAM THE hormone oxytocin is released during sex, childbirth and breastfeeding. It is a bonding agent. So, during these instances, not only are you bonded physically and spiritually, but chemically too. It makes sense, right? A small amount of this hormone is also released every time you make eye contact with someone. It is for this reason you ... Read More »

Why you need a wish list or two

Wish list

This is a syndicated column by Bernard Toutounji.  Listen to the audio podcast below, or read the blog post taken from Foolish Wisdom. Click to listen to the podcast THIS year Jane and I will celebrate our first Christmas as husband and wife and so we have been busy arranging our “wish lists” for distribution to each other and our ... Read More »

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