Monday, February 17, 2020
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The atmosphere that we live in is important

By Sr Elvera Sesta A STRANGE thing happened to me the other day. I had just finished one class with my year 12 students in the library. I was a little late leaving as I was discussing the topic with one of my students.  My next class was at the other end of the campus. As I walked down the stairs ... Read More »

Musings on a life led by faith

Person lighting candle

By Professor Greg Craven I WAS recently asked to talk about my life in a faith context for the Catholic Man Breakfast Series. In Australia, because we’re such a young country we’ve never been terribly good at thinking around beginnings. To reflect on my family today, I really need to go back much further than my own childhood. The Cravens ... Read More »

Learning to see God clearly

By Sr Elvera Sesta  OUR bodies are remarkable machines. It is only when something goes wrong that we realise what a wonderful job that they have been doing. Our body is a mass of nerves and each nerve has its own particular area to govern, whether it is the movement in the smallest section of our little finger or the large ... Read More »

Everyone loves a wedding

wedding rings

By Kiri Groeneveld YOU are, I am sure, familiar with 1Corinthians:13. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, and so on. With good reason, it is a popular wedding verse – one of the passages in the Bible that resonates with those entering into the sacrament of marriage. While ... Read More »

Celibacy is ‘supernatural’


By Peter Holmes I HAVE grown a little tired of hearing child abuse blamed on “repressed sexuality” of celibate men. There is no doubt that the Catholic Church must face up to the fact that some heinous and criminal abuse was allowed to continue unchecked due to neglect, secrecy and even culpable incompetence. I shall leave debate about the fact ... Read More »

Ramping up research at ACU


By Professor Greg Craven THIS year has seen Australian Catholic University take some dramatic steps to boost its position as a research university. In my inaugural lecture as Vice-Chancellor of ACU, I stated that there can be no such thing as an institution of intellectual leadership that is not an institution of research, Catholic or otherwise. Research is the license ... Read More »

So much potential to build on

Reading glasses on pile of paper

By Fr Neville Yun WHEN I was a deacon at St Stephen’s Cathedral I became involved with preliminary meetings of what was to become the Queensland Community Alliance (QCA). The vision of this organisation is based on a Catholic social justice principle that the common good of individuals must be upheld. The main stakeholders in this alliance are broadly churches, ... Read More »

‘Know thyself’ and others

Knowing yourself

This is a syndicated column by Bernard Toutounji.   Click here if the audio does not play. I REMEMBER when I was engaged to my now wife Jane, one of the biggest discoveries I had to process was learning that she was an introvert. We were at a social function with people we both knew well and it came up ... Read More »

Pondering gravity and grace

Clare Burns reflects on a “Quiet Saturday” of Les Murray poetry at the Faber Centre. A WEEK and a half after arriving in Brisbane from Melbourne via a two-year stint in Cairns I found myself at the Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality, Bardon. The “Quiet Saturday” was titled Gravity and Grace; it focused on Les Murray poetry who describes Australia as ... Read More »

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