Friday, April 3, 2020
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St Zelie Martin was not a tradwife

WORKING mothers – despite the term being a reality for many families, pockets of the Church still gnash their teeth at the thought of a mum earning a living to support the family. Some say it’s a sin (it isn’t) or that it makes no sense having a dual-income family (they obviously haven’t had to pay a mortgage in 2020). ... Read More »

Choosing to take responsibility for the faith

Priest during the consecration of the Mass

By Shane Dwyer I REMEMBER an incident from when I was a boy. It was the practice of my family to attend Mass together on a Sunday morning. I wouldn’t say that my brother, two sisters and I were particularly fond of this aspect of family life, but we had done it for as long as I could remember and ... Read More »

A forgiving heart can be just what the doctor ordered

By Jo Hayes THE “low-tox life” is capturing the attention of many a millenia-mind of late. Trademarked by Aussie health campaigner Alexx Stuart, it promotes lifestyle changes that reduce the “toxic load” in our daily lives – like, swapping chemical cleaning products for natural options like essential oils. While enjoying a resurgence, it’s not, of course, a new idea. Our ... Read More »

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