Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Say no to war, yes to life: Pope

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Pope John Paul II has spoken out against a possible war against Iraq, telling Vatican-accredited diplomats that military force always must be "the very last option", even when motivated by legitimate concerns...

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Miracle cure

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Pope John Paul II and top Vatican officials have formally recognised the miracle needed for the beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta...

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Pope calls for a peaceful solution

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Pope John Paul II began the new year with a new plea for peace in the Middle East and for world leaders to find peaceful solutions to tense situations elsewhere...

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Cardinal Law resigns

BOSTON (CNS): Pope John Paul II has accepted the resignation of the United States' highest-ranking Church leader, Cardinal Bernard F...

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Family Christmas

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Pope John Paul II said he hoped this year's Christmas celebrations would highlight the importance of the family in modern society...

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Boston considers bankruptcy

BOSTON (CNS): Boston archdiocese in the United States is considering filing for bankruptcy in the face of about 450 lawsuits for alleged sexual abuse of minors by its priests...

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Church ‘threat’ to Russia

MOSCOW (CNS): Among the 69 religious groups working in Russia, the Roman Catholic Church poses the most serious threat to national security, according to a Moscow newspaper's published excerpts of an internal government report...

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Bishop Belo quits after health scare

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Bishop Carlos Belo, who has been the spiritual guide of East Timor's successful struggle for independence, has resigned as apostolic administrator of Dili diocese for health reasons...

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Ordination of gays ‘risky’

VATICAN CITY (CNS): A Vatican congregation, in response to a query by a bishop, said men who are homosexuals or have homosexual tendencies should not be ordained priests...

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