Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Morals offer solutions: Pope

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Christian moral values do not infringe upon freedom and scientific research; rather they offer honest, concrete answers to biomedical questions facing the world today, Pope Benedict XVI said.

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Vinnies’ precious memories preserved

The reason behind the return of an artificial limb to the St Vincent de Paul Society makes up one of the interesting tales unearthed with the establishment of the society's state archives, library and a new exhibition. Journalist PAUL DOBBYN takes a look

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Pope prays for quake victims

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Pope Benedict XVI prayed for victims of a massive earthquake in Haiti as soon as he heard of the January 13 disaster and urged the international community to provide generous assistance to the stricken population of the Caribbean nation.

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Pope urges all to be stewards of the Earth

Climate change and our response to it were central to Pope Benedict XVI's 2010 World Day of Peace message on January 1. Australian Catholic Bishops Conference president ARCHBISHOP PHILIP WILSON comments on the document

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Respect urged for all creation

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Having respect for every human being and for all of creation as God's handiwork and having trust in God's overwhelming love are the keys to peace and to a better future, Pope Benedict XVI said.

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Pope calls for world peace

VATICAN CITY (CNS): The degradation of the environment is a pressing moral problem that threatens peace and human life itself, Pope Benedict XVI said

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Generosity the key, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS): The secret to experiencing true joy is not found in accumulating lots of things, but from feeling loved by the Lord and being generous to others, Pope Benedict XVI said.

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Mary teaches how to treat people with respect

ROME (CNS): The statues, paintings and mosaics of Mary found not only in the churches of Rome, but also in its public squares and on street-corner shrines should help the city's visitors and residents treat each other with more respect, Pope Benedict XVI said.

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