Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Saudi king in friendly talks

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Inter-religious dialogue, peace in the Middle East and the life of Christians living in Saudi Arabia were on the agenda when Pope Benedict XVI met King Abdullah Aziz of Saudi Arabia...

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Embryo origins in projects discussion

VATICAN CITY (CNS): A better scientific understanding of the origin and development of the human embryo can help answer many of today's hot-button bioethical issues, participants in a Vatican-sponsored project said...

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Surprises on abortion issue

Priest and academic Fr John Fleming has co-edited a new book that he hopes will shed new light on the abortion debate in Australia and lead to better resolutions between protagonists on both sides...

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Poor hit hardest by ecological damage

VATICAN CITY (CNS): A Vatican official warned that ecological damage has the greatest impact on the world's poor, who are caught in a "vicious circle of poverty and environmental degradation"...

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Computer plan on poverty

ROME (CNS): A plan to equip the world's poorest school children with a low-cost, rugged, portable, wireless laptop has found some enthusiastic support among the Jesuits and in the Vatican...

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Opening hearts to God

Brisbane grandmother Linda Norris recently returned from a life-changing experience among HIV/AIDS sufferers and orphans in South Africa. Reporter SELINA HARRIS talks to Linda about the trip.

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Peace urged in nuclear plan

ROME (CNS): A leading Vatican official expressed support for the development of a nuclear energy program in Iran, as long as it serves peaceful purposes...

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How can we all be Good Samaritans?

Former secretary general of Caritas Internationalis Duncan MacLaren was in Brisbane recently to deliver the Aquinas Lecture 2007 at Australian Catholic University. Reporter PAUL DOBBYN spoke with him about his experiences and about his topic "Being a good Samaritan in the age of terror".

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