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Caroline Chisholm’s practical faith

Caroline Chisolm

CAROLINE Chisholm was renowned during her life (1808-1877) as a most remarkable and praiseworthy person. Her charitable work and social reforms were based on a strong Christian faith. She was particularly motivated by the parable of the Good Samaritan. Caroline and her husband Archibald had nine children, three of whom died in infancy. Two sons died as young adults. The ... Read More »

Brown Nurses continue work with the poor

Serving the dying

OUR Lady’s Nurses for the Poor await the Church’s permission to pursue the cause for sainthood for their founder Eileen O’Connor. In April 2013 a Centenary Mass of Thanksgiving was held at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, recognising 100 years of service to the community by the order, affectionately known as the “Brown Nurses”. In the early 1900s Australia was ... Read More »

Building a life around leprosy

Woman with leprosy

THAKNI is one of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world affected by leprosy. Life in Nepal has been tough for her since she was diagnosed with the disease 14 years ago. The Leprosy Mission Australia said that, without early treatment and constant care, leprosy was a disfiguring, disabling disease. It can shackle whole families. Because of leprosy, ... Read More »

To be on Earth the heart of God

MISSIONARIES of the Sacred Heart Father Peter Hendriks says his life proves that God “writes straight with crooked lines”. Fr Peter knows this reveals the truth that his heart was difficult to settle. “I was inherently restless,” he said. Straight after university Peter joined the Jesuits and was with them for five years. “I spent a lot of that time ... Read More »

The beauty of consecration

By Sr Maria Goretti Tran “‘This is the beauty of consecration: it is joy, joy…’ The joy of bringing God’s consolation to all. These are the words spoken by Pope Francis during his meeting with seminarians and novices in July, 2013,” the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life said in a Letter to consecrated men ... Read More »

The Quo Vadis tradition

By Adam Burns THE Quo Vadis tradition is the story of St Peter’s flight from the Emperor Nero’s persecution of Roman Christians in the first century. As legend has it, Peter decided to flee Rome at the outbreak of the persecution, perhaps in fear, perhaps because he thought “the rock” should be somewhere safe so others could eventually find and ... Read More »

Brothers Christopher and Matthew begin Capuchin novitiate

ON Sunday, July 19, Australian Capuchin novices Br Christopher Maher and Br Matthew Timonera began their 12-month novitiate in San Ynez, California. They arrived at St Lawrence Friary with 21 other young men after completing a two month pre-novitiate in St Louis, Missouri. The novitiate year began with a solemn celebration of Evening Prayer in which the 23 young men ... Read More »

My dream came true

WHEN I was seven years old, I had a dream. I wanted to be a religious Sister, but I did not know why. One day, when I was in secondary school, one of my teachers asked me about my goals – what I wanted to be in the future. Without thinking, I said: “I want to be a nursing nun. ... Read More »

Called to be a missionary priest

IS God calling you to be a Missionary Priest? Are you being called to leave your own people and nation in order to follow Jesus across boundaries of race, religion, culture, language and social class. This is the charism of Columban Missionary Priests. Deacon Kurt Zion is one young man who has answered the missionary call from God. He was ... Read More »

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