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A life devoted to faith and St Brigid’s

By Paul Dobbyn JOAN McAuliffe is unambiguous about her fierce love for Red Hill’s, St Brigid’s Church. “I love every brick in St Brigid’s,” she said, “the whole 150,000 or so of them.” Talking with the feisty 88-year-old, you discover her love of the Catholic faith is equally strong as she mentions her devotion to Our Lady and the praying of ... Read More »

‘St Dominic’s sons’ having a rich time

DROPPING in to the Glebe parish you might spot Dominican Brother Thomas Azzi at the altar. But he’s not a priest, not yet. Br Thomas is practising the rubrics of the Mass with another priest for his ordination later this year. Br Thomas is one of four young Dominicans being ordained in Australia this year: two priests and two deacons. ... Read More »

Singing our faith

SONG is the perfect way for children to celebrate and learn about their faith, according to Brisbane’s internationally renowned teacher and composer Michael Mangan. “Children have a special affinity for music,” Mr Mangan said. “Singing the words of scripture helps kids get to know Jesus and his teachings in a fun and engaging way. “Also, music adds emotion to the ... Read More »

Learning and having fun

By Carole Danby  THE whole Christian community is called to provide a range of opportunities and experiences through which the faith-life of children can be nurtured and deepened. Not everyone comes to faith in the same manner, so foundations laid down in childhood can prepare young people for full, adult participation in the life of the Church and community. The family, ... Read More »

Catholic women giving their time to help others

CATHOLIC Women’s League of Queensland started their dedication to those in need in 1927. Through prayers and devotions, CWL performs works of charity by raising funds for people in need throughout Australia. The CWL has strived to be the watchdog to protect families, especially the life of the unborn child. As means to raise funds, Card Days such as Bridge ... Read More »

UQ Catholics moving forward through new evangelisation

IN 1983, on the 500th anniversary of the first evangelisation of Latin America, Pope St John Paul II addressed the bishops of Latin America in Haiti, calling for the New Evangelisation. A spokesperson for the Univcersity of Queensland Newman Society said this “new evangelisation” would be an evangelism that takes the unchanging Gospel out to the world, but in a ... Read More »

What is your calling?

By Adam Burns WHEN I was discerning becoming a priest, many people pointed out to me how young I was.  It was often a surprise to many people to see a 19 or 20-year-old training to be a priest. The running joke at the seminary was that some of the other students were old enough to be my father. Our ... Read More »

What do we need to live a good life?

By Jess Woodward THE four cardinal virtues of courage, prudence, justice and wisdom were first outlined as necessary for living a good life by Plato in “The Republic” and then explored in the context of Christianity by Sts Ambrose, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. This year, Australian Catholic University Campus Ministry has launched a new initiative, “The Human Virtues Series”, in ... Read More »

Rosies – a community built in faith

ROSIES – Friends on the Street is inviting students from Catholic and other independent schools across Queensland to see life through the eyes of the poor. The organisation partners with the schools to provide young people with opportunities to assist people who are homeless and socially excluded. It also offers the students the chance to more deeply engage with their ... Read More »

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