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High school hurdles

School students

By Kym Keady STARTING high school is exciting and scary – even more so this year in Queensland, where many 11-turning-12-year-olds entered the high school yard for the first time. As pictures of all the kids heading off to school filled Facebook and Instagram last term, I thought about how exciting a new year of school can be. As I ... Read More »

The Darts unstoppable

By Emilie Ng SITTING down to record a podcast or write a blog can be more challenging when children demand nappies to be changed or you need to lug your nine children into the family mini-van. But parents Michelle and Jeremy Dart and their nine children are up to the challenge, to tell their story of a happy and larger-than-life ... Read More »

Let us be like children

Adoption rate decline

By Carrie McCormack   EACH family has their preferred way to work, play and pray as a family. When we are in the presence of children we must remember they have not yet received the formation of Church, culture and family that we have. So it’s important to give children time and space to communicate who they are, despite how small or young. In our ... Read More »

Staying teen engaged

By Kym Keady THE more speaking engagements I do, the more convinced I am of the important role parents play in their teenagers sexual education – in fact, every part of their lives. As a parent of teenagers myself, I feel “in the thick” of it every day; the emotions of their stage of life, the joy and pain, the ... Read More »

Easter people are beyond joy

By Selina Venier FORGET four weddings and a funeral, our adventure was a baptism and a wedding on the same day. It might sound “un-doable” but in fact, it was quite the opposite. The baptism was celebrated early and had all the glorious trimmings of lived faith: committed and vocal parents and godparents, siblings obviously connected to ritual and prayer, ... Read More »

Mercy is always a work in progress

By Francine and Byron Pirola WE are yet to meet a married couple who have not hurt each other deeply at some stage. Selfishness, laziness, thoughtlessness, anger, carelessness; they all have the potential to inflict deep wounds on the other, sometimes without our knowledge or intention. Unless couples learn the lessons of mercy, these common human frailties can bring a ... Read More »

The challenges of life

By Carrie McCormack ONE morning, my husband Luke and I woke up, still tired after a busy week at work. We were fumbling around the kitchen trying to make coffee. We looked hazily at each other amidst the words the kids were trying to say to us as they danced dizzily around the room. My husband and I were overwhelmed ... Read More »

Natural fertility – hey what?

By Francine and Byron Pirola COUPLES all over the world are adopting Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs – what used to be called Natural Family Planning) with new vigour as they access them via smartphone apps. And it’s not only conservative Catholics and alternative-lifestyle naturalists doing so – ordinary couples who just want a reliable, chemical-free alternative are the keenest converts. ... Read More »

Kids hit hard by divorce

By Fr John Flynn LC A RECENT press release from the American College of Pediatricians called attention to the negative effects for children when their parents divorce. The March 9 statement said a common view was that when a marriage no longer provided happiness to the spouses that divorce was the best solution and that children would be able to ... Read More »

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