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Becoming a Dad

Little sacrifices

A whole new sense of purpose in life By Peter Pellicaan  MY oldest son was born four years ago in the emergency room at the end of 23 hours of labour. We were shocked, exhausted, traumatised, relieved, joyful and emotional – parenting had begun. Though you have nine months’ notice, fatherhood begins suddenly. One day you’re a happy couple, the ... Read More »

Love overcomes FOMO

By Byron and Francine Pirola IN our previous column, we talked about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and the harm it does to relationships, especially among young adults who can so easily be diverted from pursuing enduring values and life ambitions by the fear that their peers are having more momentary fun than they are. Of course, it’s not just ... Read More »

Being Christ to our kids

By Carrie McCormack In early June, Pope Francis spoke of the important role of parenting as an educational mission. He said: “Today we consider the vocation of families to educate their children, to raise them in the profound human values which are the backbone of a healthy society.” “This educational mission is essential nowadays,” he said. I am not a ... Read More »

The fantasy of it ‘all’

By Byron and Francine Pirola HAVE you heard of FOMO? It stands for “Fear Of Missing Out” and it’s an epidemic in our culture. Many parents fall into the FOMO trap wanting their child to experience every possible opportunity that might give them a competitive advantage over their peers. Not only does it make childhood hectic and stressful, young people ... Read More »

Having a family and still keeping some friends


By Dom Meese I’M struggling with something. I’m grappling with the past. It’s not a mid life crisis, it’s more of an, “Oh my goodness I blinked and my life has been turned upside down” crisis. For those that know me, my wife and I have two beautiful kids under the age of two. They are absolutely the apple of ... Read More »

Second look at First Sight

By Byron and Francine Pirola WE’VE watched the third and fourth episode of Marriage at First Sight. For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s a reality television program where participants agree to live as husband and wife for one month with a person matched to them by science. Each of the four couples meet for the first time at their ... Read More »

Good News is for kids

By Carrie McCormack I RECENTLY read the message to children given by Pope John Paul II in 1994. In it he tells us the whole of the Gospel could be understood as the “Gospel of children” and how important children are in the eyes of Jesus. He also said, “we could even say that the Gospel is full of the ... Read More »

Marriage at first sigh?

By Byron and Francine Pirola THAT’S one very big, long sigh, as in, “Here we go again in unreality TV”. Today we took the plunge and sat through the first two episodes of Marriage at First Sight (Channel 9). For those who are unfamiliar with this new reality-doco-drama, the show follows four couples who have been matched using science and ... Read More »

Supernatural powers on offer through Holy Spirit

By Francine and Byron Pirola JESUS promised his disciples to send the Holy Spirit. Two thousand years later, the Holy Spirit is still channelling grace into the hearts of believers. Graham and Jenn were not doing very well. Despite his sincere regret and apology, when Jenn discovered Graham’s sexual indiscretion with a work colleague, she reacted with her own sexual ... Read More »

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