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Mothers are the centre of life

By Carrie McCormack I WAS sitting on the couch with my nine year old and we were watching our youngest child, a one year old.  He was so busy, he climbed up and climbed down, crawled away and came back again, turned around, stood up and sat down and nestled in again. Our nine year old said, “Mum, it’s like ... Read More »

Conscious uncoupling debunked


By Byron and Francine Pirola WHEN Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their intention to “consciously uncouple” recently, the twitter-sphere went crazy. Not only is a Hollywood bust up big news, everyone wanted to know what “conscious uncoupling” was. The LA counsellor who hosts a website with the name found herself inundated with calls and her website crashing. Apparently, the ... Read More »

Groundbreaking resource for all Catholic women launched

Genius Project

By Emilie Ng ANSWERS to the Church’s teachings on women are found in a new resource that explores key aspects of newly canonised St John Paul II’s “genius of womanhood”. Australian Catholic author and speaker Karen Doyle, who is also co-founder of Catholic businesses ChoicezMedia and BeingCatholic, worked with well-known lay and religious women to create The Genius Project, designed ... Read More »

God bless their zeal for the faith

Family Faith by Selina Venier MASS etiquette, what is it? It’s dressing appropriately, giving the time willingly and not in pursuit of entertainment, arriving punctually and my personal favourite among many others, not leaving before Mass is finished. “Let’s go, there’s two more verses yet,” said a parishioner to a companion in front of us during a recessional recently. Only ... Read More »

The Divine Rendezvous

RECENTLY, we came across this quote from Simone Weil, a 20th Century French philosopher, Christian mystic and political activist. “God and humanity are like two lovers who have missed their rendezvous. Each is there before the time, but each at a different place, and they wait, and wait, and wait. He stands motionless, nailed to the spot for the whole ... Read More »

A divine Easter to you and yours

Family Faith by Selina Venier  IT’S helpful to go from A to Z and learn something, yes? Now we’ve arrived at the glorious ‘Z’ of Easter Sunday it’s healthy to look back to the humble beginning of the ‘A’ of Ash Wednesday as much as to look forward. I look back at Lent and wonder what I learnt. Most of ... Read More »

Three magic marriage words

By Byron and Francine Pirola ON St Valentine’s Day this year, Pope Francis gathered with 20,000 engaged couples to encourage them in their journey. Reflecting on the ‘art’ of married life, Pope Francis noted that it is “a patient, beautiful and fascinating journey” which doesn’t end when we win over each other’s heart. On the contrary it is just the ... Read More »

History repeats for young couple

BRISBANE’S Marissa Dowling and Patrick Land from New Zealand’s north island found a common link in their parents’ devotion to the Catholic Worker Movement. The link became increasingly strong over some five years, recently turning into a wedding ring as the couple became husband and wife in a ceremony at Highgate Hill’s St Francis of Assisi Church. There was a ... Read More »

A life well lived

Family Faith by Selina Venier IT was eerily comforting to turn to the regional pages of The Catholic Leader last Sunday and see three recent photographs of Bishop Michael Putney. An early in the week “print day” can be challenging for a weekly paper. It’s helpful and timely to have on-line updates and The Catholic Leader is no exception. Bishop ... Read More »

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