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Easter people are beyond joy

By Selina Venier FORGET four weddings and a funeral, our adventure was a baptism and a wedding on the same day. It might sound “un-doable” but in fact, it was quite the opposite. The baptism was celebrated early and had all the glorious trimmings of lived faith: committed and vocal parents and godparents, siblings obviously connected to ritual and prayer, ... Read More »

Naturally awaiting the infant Jesus

nativity pic

By Selina Venier THERE’S a word that’s been somewhat overused of late. I wonder if you’ve heard it bandied about? The word is “organic”. I’ve heard films described that way, behaviour of children, fabrics and of course, food. A simple dictionary definition is “natural”. Organic farming is said to involve “production without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other ... Read More »

Uplifted by remembering our beloved

Person lighting candle

By Selina Venier “DON’T you think it’s a bit morbid?” asked a non-churched friend. She was referring to our practice as Catholics of remembering the faithful departed and the souls in purgatory in November. “No,” I said. “In fact, I find it uplifting.” And it’s true. There’s something particularly hopeful about remembering those who we love and believing they are ... Read More »

Silence with the Lord gives life

By Selina Venier LET me ask you something: do you enjoy silence? I don’t know if it coincides with turning  “the big 4-0”, as I repeatedly heard last year, or simply because the world is a noisy, confused place, but I have grown to love silence, even crave it. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the major reason why, when ... Read More »

A welcome to new friends

By Selina Venier HOW seriously do you take the “welcome the stranger” biblical theme? We hear it so often. “Love your neighbour as yourself” (Luke 10:27), “Extend hospitality to strangers” (Romans 12:13), and “I was a stranger and you welcomed me … (for) as you did it to one of the least of my brothers you did it to me” ... Read More »

God bless their zeal for the faith

Family Faith by Selina Venier MASS etiquette, what is it? It’s dressing appropriately, giving the time willingly and not in pursuit of entertainment, arriving punctually and my personal favourite among many others, not leaving before Mass is finished. “Let’s go, there’s two more verses yet,” said a parishioner to a companion in front of us during a recessional recently. Only ... Read More »

A divine Easter to you and yours

Family Faith by Selina Venier  IT’S helpful to go from A to Z and learn something, yes? Now we’ve arrived at the glorious ‘Z’ of Easter Sunday it’s healthy to look back to the humble beginning of the ‘A’ of Ash Wednesday as much as to look forward. I look back at Lent and wonder what I learnt. Most of ... Read More »

A life well lived

Family Faith by Selina Venier IT was eerily comforting to turn to the regional pages of The Catholic Leader last Sunday and see three recent photographs of Bishop Michael Putney. An early in the week “print day” can be challenging for a weekly paper. It’s helpful and timely to have on-line updates and The Catholic Leader is no exception. Bishop ... Read More »

Lent a time to be rid of ‘spiritual toxins’

Family Faith by Selina Venier DETOXES don’t generally last 40 days. My naturopath suggests two weeks is a good length of time to help the body rid itself of toxins and “about what most people can manage”. She described toxins as “anything that may harm body tissue”. Refined sugar, processed foods, coffee, alcohol and all the other predictable “no-nos” were ... Read More »

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