Monday, January 25, 2021
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Young people want their violent fathers to make amends, new study finds

abusive fathers

CHILDREN of fathers who use violence want their dads to understand the significant impact that it has on their lives. A new study by a University of Melbourne researcher Dr Katie Lamb has led to children recording their stories, so they can be replayed to their fathers to get the message through. Dr Lamb (pictured), a criminologist and now a ... Read More »

Just who is listening to 14-year-old girls?

By Selina Venier IT’S reasonable to pick up Madonna King’s latest work, Being 14, and be alarmed at the reality of what this demographic is thinking, feeling and indeed, doing. With one daughter who’s traversed the threshold of 14 and another within its depths, the title and its themes were a must-read. Of course Madonna’s skillful knack of diving headfirst ... Read More »

Is a divorced person excommunicated from the Church?

Divorce may not be considered moral by Catholic Church teachings, but is a divorced person excommunicated from the Church?  Paul Shogren explains in the four episode of Marriage Matters. Transcript: Emphatically, most decidedly – NO. Being divorced or even obtaining a divorce does not bring the canonical punishment of excommunication upon a person. In fact there is no canonical punishment ... Read More »

What is the process required to have a marriage annulled?  

We know what an annulment is and what it is not, but how does the Tribunal decide whether a marriage is null?  Paul Shogren explains in the third instalment of Marriage Matters. Transcript: The process to have a marriage declared null, which is a better way of putting it, is quite simple really. The Tribunal has the task of obtaining as ... Read More »

How to find the right school for your kids

School Sports

QUESTION: How do I choose the right school for my child?   Answer: Finding the right school for your child is a tough challenge and requires some careful consideration. Here are six issues that must be considered and prioritised in order to inform your decision about which school will be most suitable for you and your children.   Budget: Schools ... Read More »

What exactly is an annulment?


Paul Shogren is back with another episode of Marriage Matters, this time to explain what an annulment is and what it is not. Transcript: Question:  We hear the word all the time, but what exactly is an annulment? Answer: An annulment, or to use the more precise term, a declaration of nullity, is a determination by a Church Tribunal (or in certain ... Read More »

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