Thursday, October 22, 2020
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THE Grinch is an anti-consumption parable about reclaiming the essential message of "peace on earth and goodwill to all"...

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The creators of Wallace and Gromit, Peter Lord and Nick Park, won an Oscar for Best Animation Film in 1989...

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TWO films on national release explore violence in dramatically different ways...

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LA VEUVE DE SAINT-PIERRE: (The Widow of Saint-Pierre)

What would happen if a state which had the right to capitally punish its citizens, could not find anyone prepared to perform the execution? This is the territory explored by Patrice Leconte's intelligent new film, La Veuve de Saint-Pierre...

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IN Billy Elliot, director Stephen Daldry pictures a large billboard advertising a washing machine...

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THEY will have to build a new visitors centre at the radio telescope at Parkes to cope with the tourists that will now make a pilgrimage to it...

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AUSTRALIAN dance films are very rare, but when they come, they are equally unusual...

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