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Guardian Angels

I was talking recently with a friend about the importance of teaching our children about guardian angels, and she showed herself extremely sceptical about the very existence of angels. Is this something old-fashioned or is it still important? We can be absolutely certain about the existence of guardian angels and they are not old-fashioned. We see them mentioned in the ... Read More »

Is morality objective?

Fr John Flader

At work we sometimes discuss issues like abortion and euthanasia and we always end up arguing. The others say I should follow my opinion and they will follow theirs. Is morality a matter for each person to decide or are there objective standards that apply to all? You ask a very important question, about which there is much confusion. In ... Read More »

To whom can we pray?

Fr John Flader

By Fr John Flader Question: Must we always pray to the Father through Jesus or can we pray directly to the Father? And can we also pray to Mary, the angels and the saints? THIS question is more interesting than appears at first sight. We can start with the definition of prayer in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “Prayer ... Read More »

What is lust?

Fr John Flader

Question Time by Fr John Flader Question: We often hear about the sin of lust, but can you tell me exactly what it is? Is it the same as impure thoughts? Is it a mortal sin? THE Catechism of the Catholic Church says that “Lust is disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is morally disordered ... Read More »

Enneagram is not recommended

Question Time by Fr John Flader Question: A friend recently invited me to a program on the enneagram and I didnít know anything about it. Is this something that can be recommended for Catholics?  FIRST, what is an enneagram? The name comes from the Greek words for nine and written or drawn, and it refers to a tool for analysing ... Read More »

Are all people saved?


QUESTION TIME   By Fr John Flader  Question: I recently read that some theologians have argued that we can hope no one is in hell and that all will be saved. Is this a reasonable position to hold? Answer: We can start with Jesus’ own teaching. We know he spoke numerous times about the existence of hell, warning his listeners ... Read More »

Does Baptism guarantee salvation?

By Father John Flader Question: A friend who has a degree in Theology recently told me that if we are baptised we are assured of heaven. I didn’t argue with him because he knows a lot more than I do. Is what he says true? Answer: It is certainly not true, and we know this in a variety of ways. We can ... Read More »

Veiling statues in Lent

Question Time by Fr John Flader I recently visited a church at the end of Lent where all the statues and the crucifix were covered by purple veils. Why is the cross hidden from view at the very time when we should be meditating more on the passion of Christ?  Lent, until Holy Saturday was once common but now is ... Read More »

The morality of dreams

Question Time wit Fr John Flader Question: Is a person guilty of sin who has unchaste nightmares or dreams and wakes up realising what just went through their mind in a dream?  Answer: This is a frequently asked question and it is good to address it in this column. The first thing to say about dreams is that they are ... Read More »

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