Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Facts don’t support coded fiction

As The Da Vinci Code movie hits screens around the world, noted Rome-based Australian theologian FR GERALD O'COLLINS SJ reveals where Dan Brown has gone wrong in some of the theories he expounds in his novel and film.

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RU486 goes against the message of Christmas

As we gather at Christmas to celebrate the birth of Christ, a battle is underway to stop moves to allow the use of the abortion drug RU486 as an abortion drug. DR DAVID VAN GEND explains why RU486 is so dangerous.

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Kelly’s demise still haunts us

FR PETER NORDEN SJ reflects on the 125th anniversary of Ned Kelly's hanging at Melbourne Gaol and the death sentence given to another Australian, Van Tuong Nguyen, in Singapore.

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Demystifying causes of suicide

Suicide is now the number 1 cause of deaths in Australia, and yet it is still a taboo subject in many circles. SR ANNE HOWLEY RSJ dispels some of the misconceptions and myths about suicide.

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