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Assisted suicide: The pro-death view of life


THE debate over the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia or assisted suicide is one that often comes to the forefront of current affairs with the arrival of particular cases or personal stories. Such is the case with a story published recently in Australia, which detailed the story of one couple who, both of sound mind, had always intended to end their ... Read More »

Q&A with Marie Mondu

Marie Mondu

Marie Mondu, Caritas PNG co-ordinatorPapua New Guinean local Marie Mondu was born in Bundi, PNG in 1977. She has worked with Caritas Australia’s program support team in PNG since 2008, starting as a research officer while at university.  Born into a life of poverty, Marie has an interest in research areas including the socio-cultural influences of HIV and other sexually ... Read More »

A decade as an addict

Rory Norris

RORY Norris promised to stop using heroin when he turned 30.  He never asked to be an addict, but addiction has no social boundaries – a kid from a private school in Brisbane born to a devout Catholic mum could still get caught in a drug-abuse trap. “I started smoking marijuana at school, and then got into harder drugs,” he ... Read More »

How I survived a brain aneurysm on Valentine’s Day

Clare Burns

AS a teenager commencing Valentine’s Day with a rather unglamorous seizure I quickly realised the day is not always about roses and perfect hair styles and that Saint Valentine is the patron saint of epilepsy. On February 14 I was hoping to gain the attention of a sporty geek who had shown interest in me; instead, I found myself in hospital ... Read More »

Q&A with Sr Thao Nguyen

Q&A with Sister Thao

Sr Thao Nguyen Born in Vietnam, Sr Thao grew up as a teenager in Australia, which fashioned her adventurous mind. By the age of 23, she came to the Canossian convent to test out her vocation. Four years later, she took her first Religious Vows. This year marks 20 years since Sr Thao put her feet on Canossian ground. She ... Read More »

What’s a good response for Catholics when discussing asylum seekers?

What's a good response for Catholics when discussing asylum seekers?

I WAS chatting with a friend recently about a compassionate response to asylum seekers. His response was startling. “What does compassion have to do with our border protection policy?” I suggested the Church taught that the demands of human dignity always came before the national interest. Nope, not for him. “These queue jumpers need to go back from where they ... Read More »

Q&A with Deacon Adam Crouch

Deacon Adam Crouch

Before joining the Missionaries of God’s Love Deacon Adam Crouch, 36 was a carpenter and captain of the footy team. Now he’s six months away from being ordained a priest. While his journey hasn’t always been easy: battling brain cancer, depression and study – some things haven’t changed, namely his knowledge that God loves, a desire to help, and a ... Read More »

Beauty in the liturgy

Question Time  By Fr John Flader Question: I am an older person and can remember Masses, Eucharistic adoration and hymns that were somehow truly uplifting. I don’t find that to the same extent anymore, except in a few parishes. Am I right to lament the loss of beauty in the worship of God?  Answer: The liturgy should always be beautiful ... Read More »

Taking care in the liturgy

Question Time By Fr John Flader  In my parish there are certain irregularities in the way Mass is celebrated and frankly I am disturbed by them. Some of my friends tell me not to worry about it. Is this important? OBVIOUSLY there will be some “irregularities” which are not particularly important, but in general the priest should be careful to ... Read More »

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