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The Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano


By Fr John Flader I have been fascinated by your account of the Eucharistic miracles of Buenos Aires and Poland. What is the connection, if any, between these miracles and the one of Lanciano in Italy? The common thread in these Eucharistic miracles, as well as in the many others that have taken place throughout the centuries, is the fact ... Read More »

The natural law

Paul romans

By Fr John Flader I am studying law and, although we haven’t studied the natural law, I have always believed in it. Recently in discussing it with some friends, one of them said the idea of the natural law was an invention of medieval Catholic theologians. Is this true? It is most certainly not true. The concept of the natural ... Read More »

Another Eucharistic miracle

Miracle of Sokolka

By Fr John Flader I read with great interest your column on the Eucharistic miracle that Pope Francis approved when he was a bishop in Buenos Aires in 1996. Now a friend tells me there has been another miracle in Poland with similar scientific findings. Do you know anything about it? The miracle took place in 2008 in the town ... Read More »

Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew?

Caravaggio - St-Matthew

By Fr John Flader I am a confused Scripture teacher. Having taught that Matthew the Apostle wrote the first Gospel, I find in a new Bible that “It is generally accepted by scholars today that the author of the first Gospel was not the Apostle Matthew … but a second generation Christian…” Who is right? And was the Gospel written ... Read More »

The Sabbatine privilege


By Fr John Flader My daughter was recently enrolled in the scapular at her school but the priest didn’t say anything about the Sabbatine privilege, that anyone who dies wearing the scapular will be taken to heaven on the first Saturday after their death. Does the Church still teach this?   First, we should remind ourselves that the devotion of ... Read More »

St Michael the Archangel

Michael the Angel - Raphael

By Fr John Flader St Michael the Archangel is usually depicted with a spear overcoming the devil. Why is this? Along with St Gabriel and St Raphael, St Michael is one of the three archangels whose feast we celebrate each year on September 29. The name Michael in Hebrew means “Who is like God”, alluding to his special place among ... Read More »

The benefits of confession

The benefits of confession

By Fr John Flader I go regularly to confession but I know many people, including my husband and son, who hardly go at all. How can I encourage them to go more often and what has happened that so few go these days? If we look back over the years, it is clear that in the 1960s and early 70s ... Read More »

Adultery and divorce

Adultery and divorce

By Fr John Flader In my Bible in Chapter 19 of St Matthew’s Gospel it says that whoever divorces his wife, except in the case of adultery, and marries another, commits adultery. Does this mean that adultery is a ground for divorce and remarriage? The text you cite has been a cause of confusion and misunderstanding for a long time. ... Read More »



By Fr John Flader A friend of mine has been invited to a meeting of the Rosicrucians. He says they are some sort of quasi-religious group. Can you tell me anything about them? The name Rosicrucian comes from the surname of its purported founder, Christian Rosenkreuz (meaning “rose cross”), a German nobleman and former monk (1378-1484), who is supposed to ... Read More »

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