Friday, November 15, 2019
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WITH the school holidays just around the corner you may have children, grandchildren or great grandchildren to look after...

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Ecumenical moment

ONCE a year, usually just after the Easter celebrations have drawn the crowds back into the churches to recall the resurrection triumph of our Lord, I respond to an invitation that sits among the many pieces of paper calling for my attention Ð the annual Roman Catholic-Lutheran Clergy Day...

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Parents behind bars

IT is horrifying to think that about a third of Queensland's prison population comprises people who have failed to pay a fine...

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Irish tenor dies

DUBLIN (CNS): Irish tenor Frank Patterson, known internationally for his glorious voice and charitable works, was buried in his hometown of Clonmel on June 17...

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Mums in jail

MOTHERS of children aged as young as three months are being jailed in Queensland for failing to pay fines...

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Pilgrimage to Hisroshima

A LOGAN City woman is returning to her ancestral city of Hiroshima to give thanks for a twist of fate that spared her from being a victim of the atomic bomb that fell on the Japanese city during World War II...

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