Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Author Archives: Staff writers

El Salavador’s President Bukele set to increase power after election win

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has emerged as the big winner in his country’s elections held last Sunday. While vote counting continues, President Bukele’s party and its allies look set to take control of the national legislature at a moment when critics fear the country is sliding toward authoritarian rule. About 40,000 police, soldiers and international observers were deployed to ... Read More »

Amidst ongoing attacks, Francis prepares for Iraq visit

AN Iraqi priest says Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq next week is an act of bravery and also madness. “The country is burning, but he is still going,” Fr Naim Shoshandy told the respected Catholic newspaper CRUX. “It’s an act of bravery, for him to go to Iraq, the land of Abraham, as an apostle.” An act of bravery, Fr ... Read More »

Uncertainty over coming elections in El Salvador

ASK in El Salvador about elections across the nation this coming Sunday (February 28) and you’ll get two different answers of what the results could bring: a move toward a dictatorship or a chance to move the country forward. Polls show Nuevas Ideas (New Ideas), the party of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, pulling ahead of the country’s two main political ... Read More »

Myanmar street protests intensify as military cracks down

Catholic nuns, seminarians and laypeople have marched on the streets to pray for peace as pro-democracy protests intensify in Myanmar three weeks after the February 1 coup. Nearly 1,000 Catholics, mostly young people, joined weekend marches on the streets of the old capital, Yangon. In Myanmar’s second largest city, Mandalay, two people including a teenager were killed and more than 20 ... Read More »

Project Compassion supports Jamila’s plight

EACH week during Lent, Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion campaign highlights the story of someone who has overcome incredible odds to become a leader in their community. This week, Caritas introduces 22-year-old, Jamila, is a single mother, living in the world’s largest refugee camp in in Bangladesh. A Rohingya woman, she fled the armed conflict in Myanmar’s Rakhine State to save ... Read More »

Path to sainthood for ancestor of British royals

A 19th century English Catholic priest, a distant relative of Britain’s Prince William, is on the path to sainthood. Pope Francis has approved a decree recognising the “heroic virtues” of George Spencer, a son of the 2nd Earl of Spencer and a priest of the Passionist religious order who lived from 1799 to 1864. Spencer, converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism in ... Read More »

Pope Francis updates Vatican criminal code aimed at rehabilitation and streamlining trials

POPE Francis has updated the Vatican’s legal code to grant reductions in sentences, changes to trials in absentia and streamlining the appeals process. The changes are outlined in Pope Francis’ motu proprio “Introducing modifications in the area of justice”, that was published yesterday. The changes come as Vatican officials have been under increased scrutiny over the way they handled finances ... Read More »

Nuns protest Myanmar military coup

CATHOLIC nuns, priests and laypeople have joined protests in Buddhist-majority Myanmar following the coup on February 1. Hundreds of Catholics, including dozens of nuns, marched on the streets of Yangon on February 14,  and recited prayers and the rosary. Youths held placards reading “Free Aung San Suu Kyi” and “We support CDM,” the latter referring to the civil disobedience movement. ... Read More »

Message for Lent encourages Catholics to care for those affected by pandemic

Pope Francis has used his message for Lent 2021 to called on Catholics to “experience Lent with Love” by extending the hand of charity to those affected by coronavirus. “To experience Lent with love means caring for those who suffer or feel abandoned and fearful because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Francis wrote in the message published ahead of the liturgical season ... Read More »

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