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Is chivalry dying?

By Clare Burns FOLLOWING writing about St John Paul II’s new f-word (feminism) in the October 5 edition of The Catholic Leader, one of my male friends asked me to write about the c-word. He was referring to chivalry. I tried to coerce him into writing this, but he insisted. While my knowledge of chivalry is limited I’m certain Julien ... Read More »

Desiring a deeper love of Christ and neighbour

My Dear Young Friends. St John Paul Speaks to Teens on Life, Love and Courage. John Vitek, Editor. St Maryís Press, Christian Brothers Publications. 2014. Reviewed by Barbara Flynn THIS small book offers 52 messages delivered in different times and circumstances by St John Paul II during his pontificate to youth at both pre-World Youth Day gatherings and Youth Day ... Read More »

Reflecting on the season of Advent

By Brian Moore THE Church has set aside this four-week period of Advent as a time of spiritual preparation for Christ’s coming. It is a time of quiet anticipation. If Christ is going to come again into our hearts, there must be repentance. Without repentance, our hearts will be so full of worldly things that there will be “no room ... Read More »

Marriage has a distinct meaning

wedding rings

ONE of the bizarre things about the same-sex marriage debate in Australia is we haven’t really had a debate. For the most part, we hear from the advocates for changing the definition of marriage, and we’re told anyone against such an idea must be a bigot or a hater. Let’s face it. No one enjoys telling their fellow Australians their ... Read More »

Full of wisdom and wonder

CRY OF WONDERBy Gerard W Hughes SJ, Bloomsbury; $22.95Reviewed by Br Brian Grenier CFC THE two unrelated Glaswegian Jesuits, Gerard W Hughes (an acclaimed spiritual writer who is best known for his popular 1985 book God of Surprises) and Gerard J Hughes (a philosopher), are sometimes referred to respectively by their confreres as Gerry the walker and Gerry the talker. ... Read More »

A good and faithful servant

By Ray Campbell Dr Nicholas Tonti-Filippini will be well known to readers of The Catholic Leader. He was often quoted in its pages and at times contributed columns. Sadly, for those of us left behind,  Nicholas died on November 7. I was a friend and colleague of Nick’s for more than 30 years. In this tribute I would like to ... Read More »

Does contraception have a place in Christian relief work?

By Bernard Toutounji I was recently invited to tour a new medical ship run by the international Christian relief organisation Youth With a Mission. This particular ship, destined for work in Papua New Guinea is larger and newer than their current vessel, and it will allow YWAM to increase its medical assistance by 500 per cent, offering healthcare immunisations and ... Read More »

Guiding light for vocations

By Patrick Ransom THE Vocations Office Roadshow this year has continued to connect with people both locally and nationally; preaching, speaking to and conversing with groups as diverse as the Catholic Church itself. As a young and newly-married Catholic man, I had already grown used to preaching “God’s calling”. This came largely from explaining my motivations for buying an engagement ... Read More »

Popular operetta The Mikado showing in Brisbane

By Vincenzo Ferraioli IMAGINE there was a list of people who committed sins and all of these people are to die for those sins. Everyone who commits sins – all people who get angry, all people who judge, all people who have lied or wronged someone, all people who commit sexual sins, all people who insult, children who disobey their ... Read More »

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