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Staying teen engaged

By Kym Keady THE more speaking engagements I do, the more convinced I am of the important role parents play in their teenagers sexual education – in fact, every part of their lives. As a parent of teenagers myself, I feel “in the thick” of it every day; the emotions of their stage of life, the joy and pain, the ... Read More »

Finding faith on the court

By Patrick Ransom THE boys. It’s the name affectionately given to each young man’s group of closest male companions. I am blessed to have a diverse mix of friends from various walks of life – friends from school, university, work, ministry and some of my other hobbies. These young men are my peers, my friends, my mates, but simultaneously they ... Read More »

Easter people are beyond joy

By Selina Venier FORGET four weddings and a funeral, our adventure was a baptism and a wedding on the same day. It might sound “un-doable” but in fact, it was quite the opposite. The baptism was celebrated early and had all the glorious trimmings of lived faith: committed and vocal parents and godparents, siblings obviously connected to ritual and prayer, ... Read More »

Easter is always and everywhere

This is Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s Easter Sunday homily ON Good Friday morning, after the Stations of the Cross in the Cathedral, I had an encounter with a lady who had come to the Cathedral to protest, which is of course her right. She was anxious about a number of things in the Church, one of which was sexual abuse. ... Read More »

No contradiction

I RESPOND to the letter “Big Bang bunkum” from the Catholic Leader of April 5.  The letter writer appears to believe that the Big Bang theory is incompatible with belief in a Creator God. I am sure that this would come as a surprise to Monsignor Georges Lemaitre, the Belgian Jesuit priest, physicist and astronomer who first proposed what is ... Read More »

Unlocking and opening hearts to Jesus Christ

TREASURED AND TRANSFORMED: VISION FOR THE HEART, UNDERSTANDING FOR THE MINDBy Daniel J OíLeary, Columba Press 2014 (paperback) Reviewed by Br Brian Grenier CFC  IRISH-born Father Daniel J O’Leary, a priest of the Diocese of Leeds, has exercised his priestly ministry in parishes and academia for more than fifty years. The award-winning author of thirteen books and a frequent contributor ... Read More »

Mercy is always a work in progress

By Francine and Byron Pirola WE are yet to meet a married couple who have not hurt each other deeply at some stage. Selfishness, laziness, thoughtlessness, anger, carelessness; they all have the potential to inflict deep wounds on the other, sometimes without our knowledge or intention. Unless couples learn the lessons of mercy, these common human frailties can bring a ... Read More »

Prophetic teachings for use in parishes

SCRIPTURE: GOD’S HANDBOOK FOR EVANGELISING CATHOLICS. Stephen Binz; Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. Huntington, Indiana, 2013 By Barbara Flynn STEPHEN Binz, a dedicated biblical scholar with wide experience in parish work, believes Catholic Christians in recent decades “have shied away from speaking about spreading the Gospel and thus from evangelisation”. Inspired by documents from the Second ... Read More »

Pope Francis leads in evangelical imagination

By Archbishop Mark Coleridge POPE Francis has just completed two years in office and what a two years they have been. From the moment he appeared on the balcony of St Peter’s, he has shown himself to be a pope of surprises. Even to the people of his native Argentina, he’s been a surprise. An Argentinian bishop I met in ... Read More »

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