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Drug abuse epidemic

Why do an estimated 1.3 million Australians use the drug ice? And why does Australia have one of the highest rates of drug abuse in the world, asks Good Samaritan Sister Clare Condon. RECENTLY the Federal Government announced a National Ice Taskforce as a way of combatting the destructive effects of the drug ice (crystal methamphetamine) on Australians. The effectiveness ... Read More »

Has life lost its meaning?

By Dr Ray Campbell THE Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has published a pamphlet on euthanasia, which is being distributed throughout all the parishes of Brisbane. It is also available on-line at the website of the bishops’ conference. The pamphlet is entitled “Real care, love and compassion – the alternative to euthanasia”. Part of the motivation behind the pamphlet is that ... Read More »

Let us be like children

Adoption rate decline

By Carrie McCormack   EACH family has their preferred way to work, play and pray as a family. When we are in the presence of children we must remember they have not yet received the formation of Church, culture and family that we have. So it’s important to give children time and space to communicate who they are, despite how small or young. In our ... Read More »

Overview of Pope Francis’ leadership style

ON THE WAY WITH POPE FRANCIS. Our Destination: A Renewed Church. John Thornhill. St Paulís Publications. Strathfield. NSW. 2014.  Reviewed by Barbara Flynn FR John Thornhill, Marist priest and respected theologian, gives an interpretation in 68 pages of the pastoral approach he believes Pope Francis is adopting in his leadership of the Catholic Church. Fr Thornhill explains that issues considered ... Read More »

Seven tips for helping a friend in an abusive relationship

Girl looking out window sadly

By Michaela Daphne I DIDN’T know I was in an abusive relationship until I wasn’t in one anymore. It was several months afterwards that I saw a billboard in the city that said, “Is he watching what you spend, is he telling you who to be friends with, is he telling you how to dress? Did you know this is abuse?” ... Read More »

Reaching out to service veterans

By Deacon Gary Stone THE 100th anniversary of ANZAC has been given massive media attention. Many commemorative events over the coming four years will remember the sacrifices and service of the many men and women and their families who experienced the Great War. Already on our television screens we have seen a number of documentaries reflecting on the Gallipoli Campaign. ... Read More »

Preserving peace and freedom

This is Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s homily from the Anzac Day Mass at St Stephen’s Cathedral. WE know what happened on this day 100 years ago at Anzac Cove.  The facts have been much reported and photographed. But what’s less clear is the meaning of the facts; that’s why we have so many different interpretations of what happened. Was it ... Read More »

Death penalty is no answer

This is an excerpt from a recent address Pope Francis gave to the International Association of Criminal Law. I GREET you all cordially and want to express my personal gratitude for your service to society and the valuable contribution you make to the development of a justice that respects the dignity and rights of the human person, without discriminations. I ... Read More »

Staying teen engaged

By Kym Keady THE more speaking engagements I do, the more convinced I am of the important role parents play in their teenagers sexual education – in fact, every part of their lives. As a parent of teenagers myself, I feel “in the thick” of it every day; the emotions of their stage of life, the joy and pain, the ... Read More »

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