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He is truly the father-in-law from Heaven

By Francine and Byron Pirola BEFORE you start wondering which happy husband or wife is blessed with such a father-in-law – our own are pretty good, by the way – we’re not actually talking about earthly men. We’re talking, literally, about our Father in Heaven, who also happens to be the father of our spouse and thus our Heavenly Father-in-Law. ... Read More »

Life about exploring God’s landscape

DUNTROON TO DILI: MAYHEM AND MIRACLES TRAUMATIC STRESS AND TRUST IN GODGary Stone with Bob Breen; Echo Books, West Geelong Victoria; 2014. Reviewed by Barbara Flynn AMONG the many inspirations received by Deacon Gary Stone during quiet Christian prayer between 2004 and 2014 are these words: “God doesn’t give us a detailed plan for life – He gives us a ... Read More »

Promoting Irish culture

Celtic inspiration: Members of the Queensland Irish Choir who aim is to promote Irish culture as well as that of all Celtic countries.

THE Queensland Irish Choir is based at Tara House, the headquarters of the Queensland Irish Association at 175 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. Its aim is to promote Irish culture as well as that of all Celtic countries. The choir performs Irish and Celtic melodies from all regions and other music of merit. It presents a regular concert series at Tara House, ... Read More »

Assurances of prayers and help

This is a March 6 pastoral letter of Rockhampton Bishop Michael McCarthy in the wake of Cyclone Marcia My Dear People, On Friday, February 20, our diocese was impacted by Tropical Cyclone Marcia.  The cyclone caused a great deal of damage to property and had a significant impact on the delivery of essential services. I am aware that many in ... Read More »

Is capital punishment really a punishment?

By Fr Nicholas Okafor THE case of the Australian Bali Nine duo Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran has resonated fundamental questions in the consciousness of many; is capital punishment worth being called a punishment? Is it not against human dignity? Can the extent of rehabilitation Andrew and Myuran demonstrated in Kerokoban prison question the position of those countries that still ... Read More »

Saving is a family affair

By Peter Bond  YOU eat together, play together and live under the same roof – so why not save together? While many parents bear the brunt of their family’s finances, it’s a good idea to consider making household saving a family affair by involving kids in the process. With the cost of living on the rise, many Australian families are ... Read More »

Take time to begin the conversation

By Adam Burns HAVE you ever caught yourself over-thinking something? It could be an embarrassing moment, or a comment someone made about you. Whatever it may be it replays in your head over and over. The more you think about it, the more the event blows out of proportion, becoming bigger and worse than it originally was. What’s lacking is ... Read More »

My Facebook holiday

By Bernard Toutounji OVER the Christmas break I decided to take my real first Facebook holiday since joining the social network site in 2007. I was sensing the need for an electronic rest and so completely switched off Facebook for one month. I am back on Facebook now but the short absence was invaluable and my approach to it is ... Read More »

Timely gift for the Church

THE BREATH OF THE SPIRIT IN THE CHURCH: THE SENSUS FIDELIUM AND CANON LAWBy Anthony Ekpo; St Paul Publications; 2014; $24.95  Reviewed by Bishop James Foley of Cairns AT first a disclaimer: I am not a trained canon lawyer but I have been a diocesan bishop for almost 23 years. So I found the Rev Dr Anthony Ekpo’s study The ... Read More »

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