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Being Christ to our kids

By Carrie McCormack In early June, Pope Francis spoke of the important role of parenting as an educational mission. He said: “Today we consider the vocation of families to educate their children, to raise them in the profound human values which are the backbone of a healthy society.” “This educational mission is essential nowadays,” he said. I am not a ... Read More »

Motivation for evangelisation through song

FREE AT LAST (album)Steph Unger  By BJ Perrett STEPH Unger never fails to inspire the Christian spirit into prayerful toe-tapping, especially on her new album Free at Last. Motivated by the portrayal of young people, especially teenage girls in music, Unger has worked to create music that is both enjoyable to listen to and incorporates appropriate Christian lyrics. Her choice ... Read More »

Choosing life over death

By Debra Vermeer EUTHANASIA is not an incremental change to current end-of-life practices, but a radical and massive shift in our society’s and civilisation’s foundational values, says internationally renowned Australian ethicist Margaret Somerville. Dr Somerville, who is a Professor of Law, Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, and founding director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill ... Read More »

Ordained to be part of ‘God’s solution’

Faithful servants: Archbishop Mark Coleridge with Fr Paul Eloagu (left) and Fr Odinaka Nwadike after their ordination at St Stephen’s Cathedral on June 29. Photo: Alan Edgecomb

This is Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s homily from the Mass of priestly ordination for Fr Odinaka Nwadike and Fr Paul Eloagu at St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane, on June 29. EARLY in life they would have seemed two ordinary enough young Jewish men – one a budding businessman, the other a promising rabbinic scholar. One had been born in far-flung Galilee and ... Read More »

The fantasy of it ‘all’

By Byron and Francine Pirola HAVE you heard of FOMO? It stands for “Fear Of Missing Out” and it’s an epidemic in our culture. Many parents fall into the FOMO trap wanting their child to experience every possible opportunity that might give them a competitive advantage over their peers. Not only does it make childhood hectic and stressful, young people ... Read More »

Instrument of blessings

By Fr Joseph Duffy I SUPPOSE what I’m trying to capture here is – what was the quintessential style and substance of the ministry of John Gerry, the parish priest, and John Gerry, the auxiliary bishop? Today, John, we honour 65 years of service as priest, and 40 years as bishop. If you lived in the mushrooming working class in ... Read More »

Walking with Jesus Christ


BLESSED Frederic Ozanam founded the St Vincent de Paul Society 179 years ago on the values of believing the Word, Gospel values, loving and trusting God, having integrity, living for others, and becoming the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  These wonderful values gave members of the society’s Vincentian family deep roots and an anchor on ... Read More »

Anniversary gives rise to inspiring stories

EMMANUEL COMMUNITY: CELEBRATING 40 YEARS 1975-2015, ‘Memories of the Journey’; Emmanuel Community; 2015.  Reviewed by Barbara Flynn TWO years were spent researching records and collating photographs and time-sequenced stories and memoirs in order to preserve the story to the present of the first 40 years of Emmanuel Catholic Charismatic Covenant Community founded in Brisbane in 1975. Forty years of Emmanuel ... Read More »

Having a family and still keeping some friends


By Dom Meese I’M struggling with something. I’m grappling with the past. It’s not a mid life crisis, it’s more of an, “Oh my goodness I blinked and my life has been turned upside down” crisis. For those that know me, my wife and I have two beautiful kids under the age of two. They are absolutely the apple of ... Read More »

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