Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Coach to Broncos stars retires as high school teacher

Steve Parle

MANY rugby league fans will be familiar with the names of star Queenslanders Julian O’Neill, Matt Sing, PJ Marsh, and more recently Ben Hunt and Corey Oates, but what about Steve Parle? He’s likely unknown to most, even though he’s had a hand in the success of these champions and many others. Steve Parle is also a man thousands of ... Read More »

Taking care in the liturgy

Question Time By Fr John Flader  In my parish there are certain irregularities in the way Mass is celebrated and frankly I am disturbed by them. Some of my friends tell me not to worry about it. Is this important? OBVIOUSLY there will be some “irregularities” which are not particularly important, but in general the priest should be careful to ... Read More »

The Christmas gift of life together

By Dr Ryan Messmore THERE we were in the maternity ward awaiting the birth of our first son.   My wife, Karin, grimaced in pain as another contraction began.   That was my cue. I pressed “play” on my laptop computer and turned the screen toward her. Surprised and a bit confused, she watched a 60-second video of one of ... Read More »

Faith and reason: two wings to knowing truth

By Dr Ryan Messmore WHAT’S a four-letter word for a freshwater fish whose second letter is “a”?  Take five seconds and fill in the answer on the top row of the crossword puzzle (going across). Now for the far right column (going down): What’s a four letter word meaning “meat from a pig”? Chances are, you feel pretty confident that ... Read More »

Healing families for a fully human world

Synod family

By Bishop Michael Kennedy  FROM September 22-27, thousands of families from around the world will gather in Philadelphia with Pope Francis for the eighth World Meeting of Families. Events such as this would have been frowned upon by the likes of Karl Marx and Fredreich Engels who advocated for the “abolition of the family” in their 1848 Communist Manifesto. Thank ... Read More »

From boat person to bishop

By Aoife Connors “I was one of the boat people who escaped from South Vietnam.” During migration awareness month in August, the new Australian Catholic Bishops Conference delegate for migrants and refugees Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen shared his journey from survival as a refugee to nurturing a longing to become a priest, before being appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne. ... Read More »

The ‘great debate’: Fisher v Singer

By Paul Russell I HAD heard it described as the “clash of the titans” and other similarly grand claims evocative of gladiatorial contests of one kind or another.

 But for those who have known or observed Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher and Professor Peter Singer in any previous forum, a titanic battle was never really on the cards.

 Marketed simply as ... Read More »

Crisis in Ukraine


People receiving humanitarian assistance find cause for hope THE Soviet Union is long gone, but its dark legacy persists in Ukraine, a leading Church official has said. Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, the 82-year-old former head of Ukraine’s Greek Catholic Church, is concerned that many people are still influenced by the Soviet period. “The older people began their lives in the Soviet era, ... Read More »

In the footsteps of St John Paul II

WYD founder

WE are now just under a year away from the start of World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland. Every time I speak to a parish or Youth Group about World Youth Day, there is one particular aspect about the pilgrimage that I just can’t help but be excited about – the opportunity to explore the home of Saint John ... Read More »

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