Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Author Archives: Guest Contributor

Want to transform your life? Look to the ‘foolishness of the cross’

“Nobody puts new wine in old wineskins; otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins and run to waste … No; new wine must be put in fresh skins.” (Luke 5:37-38) TO some, this scripture highlights the need to make proper adjustments with new attitudes and new perspectives in life. It could be interpreted as encouragement from Jesus to move ... Read More »

Transported across the centuries at the feast day festival at the Baptistery of St John in Florence, Italy

On a recent journey to Italy, photojournalist Alan Edgecomb visited the Baptistery of St John, Florence, or the Battistero di San Giovanni. He shares his thoughts on the remarkable historical splendour. I did not know anything about a Baptistery until I arrived in Florence and discovered the elaborate sacred space called – a baptistery. These were built near a cathedral ... Read More »

Not obligation, not expectation, just drawn to Mass by love

LAST Christmas was a first for me. At that time, I was living in Rome and studying at the Gregorian University, so, as that very special season approached, I found myself far from home. I faced a dilemma. It was technically possible for me to return home for Christmas, but the long distance, the high cost and the fact that ... Read More »

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