Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Vatican calls on Muslim leaders to condemn Islamic State

A man and three children in Iraq

THE Vatican called on Muslim leaders to condemn the “barbarity” and “unspeakable criminal acts” of Islamic State militants in Iraq, saying a failure to do so would jeopardise the future of inter-religious dialogue. “The plight of Christians, Yezidis and other religious and ethnic communities that are numeric minorities in Iraq demands a clear and courageous stance on the part of ... Read More »

Pope to UN: Act to end the tragedy in Iraq

Children flee Iraq violence

POPE Francis formally asked United Nations agencies and the entire international community “to take action to end the humanitarian tragedy now underway” in north-eastern Iraq. In a letter signed on August 9, but released by the Vatican only after it had been delivered, Pope Francis told UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon immediate action was needed “to stop and to prevent further ... Read More »

Iraqi Christians beginning to die in hot, crowded camps, witnesses say

Iraqi Christian woman

IRAQI Christians driven from their homes by Islamic State fighters are beginning to die in crowded camps, witnesses claimed. Sahar Mansour, 40, who lectured in chemistry at the University of Mosul before she fled the city in June, said new-born babies, the sick and the elderly in the Ankawa refugee camp on the outskirts of Irbil were dying from diseases, ... Read More »

Catholic Iraqi refugees in Lebanon recall horror of militant attacks

iraqi refugee

By Doreen Abi Raad THE memory of that brutal June evening in his home near Mosul, Iraq, brought 48-year-old Joseph, now a refugee in Lebanon, to tears. “These people know no limits of humanity, decency or respect for human life,” he said of the Islamic State fighters. Meeting with Catholic News Service on August 8 at the Caritas Lebanon Migrant ... Read More »

Faith treated seriously

DELIVER US FROM EVIL: Starring Eric Bana, Olivia Munn, Edgar Ramirez, Hoel McHale, Sean Harris. Directed by Scott Derickson. 118 minutes. Rated MA15+ (Strong horror themes and bloody violence) By John Mulderig AS exorcism movies go, Deliver Us From Evil is better than most. Though sensational at times, director and co-writer Scott Derrickson’s screen version of Ralph Sarchie’s memoir Beware ... Read More »

Pope asks for international action to help Iraq’s persecuted Christians

Pope Francis

POPE Francis asked Catholics around the world to pray for tens of thousands of Christians from villages in north-eastern Iraq who were forced from their homes in the middle of the night on August 7 by Islamic State militants. The Pope also made a “pressing appeal to the international community to take initiatives to put an end to the humanitarian ... Read More »

Father keeps vigil

SINCE the death of his wife in an Israeli missile attack on their house in the Gaza Strip in late July, George Ayyad, 75, has been keeping vigil over his son Jeries, 31. Jeries Ayyad lay in the intensive care unit of St Joseph Hospital, Jerusalem. Second and third-degree burns covered 90 per cent of his body. Both legs were ... Read More »

Sign of peace at Mass: Vatican says it stays put, but urges education

Sign of Peace

By Cindy Wooden THE sign of peace at Mass has not always led to serenity among liturgists or within the congregations gathered each Sunday in Catholic churches around the world. After nine years of study and consultation, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments has told Latin-rite bishops around the world that the sign of peace will stay where ... Read More »

Vocations are calls to centre life on Christ and build up God’s kingdom

A VOCATION to the priesthood, consecrated life or marriage is a call to centre one’s life on Christ and build up his kingdom, Pope Francis said. “The more we unite ourselves to Jesus through prayer, sacred Scripture, the Eucharist, the sacraments celebrated and lived in the Church and in fraternity, the more there will grow in us the joy of ... Read More »

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