Monday, November 30, 2020
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Author Archives: Br Sebastian Condon

Dominican Brother Sebastian Condon discusses life at a priory in lockdown


A PRIORY in lockdown is a fascinating place. During the height of the pandemic, the entire community was confined to barracks to an extent heretofore unexperienced and unseen. Keep in mind the fact that friars are not monks; we never expect to stay in one location forever. We signed up to an itinerant life – we go where we are ... Read More »

Confirmation is not about being ready, it is a gift of transformative grace, writes Br Sebastian Condon

Due to the pandemic earlier this year, the confirmations in our parish were postponed. As a result, I have recently had to serve at several confirmation Masses, and have heard many theories among the assembled families as to what confirmation, as a sacrament, actually signifies. Many of these theories are interesting – some are simply mistaken. When I asked certain ... Read More »

Learn to be a ‘seeker’ of Christ like St Bernard of Clairvaux

During this month when the Church in Australia calls us to reflect more deeply on the idea of our ‘vocation’, I would like to focus on the vocational call and life of one particular man. You may be surprised to learn he was not a Dominican. Well, not officially. But I like to think that St Bernard of Clairvaux – ... Read More »

Jesus went to the depths of our humanity so that we would know we are not alone

DURING my days at university I worked night shift at a geology laboratory, in order to keep myself in the semi-impoverished manner to which I had become accustomed. I would spend the early hours of the morning grinding coal samples and loading them into submersible metal canisters, which were then pumped with various elements from the periodic table at differing ... Read More »

Lead us not into temptation: Why Christ would not turn stone into bread

What’s wrong with turning stones into loaves bread? If Christ had the power to satiate His hunger in the desert, and doing so was not going to harm anyone, why was it one of the ‘temptations’ that we hear about on the first Sunday of Lent? (Matthew 4:1-11) Why was it something Jesus refused to do? The answer lies in ... Read More »

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