Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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The Community Leader Award nominations


Starring: Eric Bana, Belinda Emmett, Vince Colosimo
Director: Bill Bennett
Rated: M15+

THE Nugget is really a shaggy dog story.

It is told by Wally, an old timer out in the bush, played by Max Cullen. He appears and winks at the audience as he tells this unbelievable story about three ordinary men who work on the roads finding an enormous nugget, with the repercussions on their lives.

The film is in the vein of The Castle and The Dish.

Eric Bana brings a gentle charm to his role as the leader of the group. Bana, after appearing in stand-up comedy and films such as The Castle, achieved some fame and notoriety by playing Chopper. He was then employed in American movies such as Black Hawk Down and The Incredible Hulk.

Stephen Currie (The Castle) plays Wookie, so named because he thought he saw one of the Star Wars characters near his house. Dave O’Neill is Sue, a big and genial but lazy man. Peter Moon is the villain, and Vince Colosimo is Dimitri, the entrepreneur of Mudgee.

The film was written and directed by Bill Bennett. Bennett started by making docu-dramas such as Malpractice and then moved into small-budget feature films such as Jilted, Backlash.

When he moved into bigger budget feature films, he also went to America and made Two if by Sea with Sandra Bullock. He won the Australian Film Institute Award for best director for Kiss or Kill, but his best known film is In a Savage Land.

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