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The Battle Against Evil Continues

Beating Evil: Tom Cruise stars in a scene from the movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Starring Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson and Alex Baldwin Running time: 147minutes


THERE seems to be no signs of stopping for evergreen superstar Tom Cruise and the now 22-year-old franchise that is Mission: Impossible.

Originally a television series aired from the late ’60s to the late ’70s, the first feature film came in 1996, an instant cinematic action classic and ever since, Mission: Impossible feature films have continued to bring sheer entertainment to the big screen, grossing just over three billion dollars – and this is no exception.

For the first time in its six-movie history, M:I- Fallout introduces an substantial element of continuation, keeping the same mythical villain organisation, The Syndicate, as a main source of chaos that Ethan Hunt and his team are on a mission to stop.

In M:I- Rogue Nation, Hunt worked hard at bringing down the Syndicate’s headmaster, Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), this time, his minions are the ones threatening to plunge the world into darkness.

Failing the initial task of retrieving three nuke heads from one of the Syndicate’s arm dealers, Hunt and his team are faced with dire consequences as their organisation (IMF) is tagged with the CIA in their following mission.

Hard-headed CIA boss, Erika Sloane (Angela Bassett), forces one of her best, Agent Walker (Henry Cavill) to work along and monitor Hunt and his team.

And as per usual, things don’t go quite as planned, fueled with the sudden appearance of former co-worker Illsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), the mission starts to go all sorts of sideways, revealing more about Hunt’s capability, the IMF’s credibility and Agent Walker’s true nature.

With so much at stake and so many players in the game, it is quite amazing how writer and director Christopher McQuarrie keeps it all tight-knit, weaving in a whole lot of ulterior motives, double-crossing and mistrust in all parties involved, creating an aura of mystery over all its characters other than the IMF team.

Despite the trailers giving a hint of Agent Walker’s role in the film, McQuarrie manages to successfully tip-toe around his character.

Cavill (Man of Steel) is just made to be darn good action hero (or anti-hero) as he nearly rivals the majestic Tom Cruise.

This is on full display in the male bathroom scene as he takes down Syndicate suspect, John Lark.

Meanwhile Cruise, at 56 year old, shows no sign as slowing down as he takes on the role of Ethan Hunt with aplomb and yes, he is still doing his own stunts! It is stunning and refreshing to see so much real scenery rather than a computer-rendered background.

Accompanying Cruise is comic relief Simon Pegg (playing techie Benji) and another M:I orginal, Ving Rhames (Luther).

If you expect to see originality, then I’m afraid you definitely need to look elsewhere.

M:I- Fallout takes everything that has been successful about this franchise and keeps taking it to new heights.

Near-death experiences, explosive action sequences, well-choreographed hand combat, dizzying air stunts and countless close encounters are what really make this film a ton of fun.

It’s also clear that a lot of work went behind the scenes with every sequence shot to perfection and creative camera techniques are used.

The inclusion of a drone camera, used to capture long continuous shots at different levels, is impressive and noteworthy.

Fans will be keen to experience some of the mainstay elements of the franchise; Hunt’s rock climbing’s prowess, the IMF’s mastery of disguise and of course the iconic Mission: Impossible theme song, re-worked to adapt to the film’s tone.

Even as a sixth entry, M:I- Fallout is a pure-bred action-packed blockbuster, keeping it old school as it proves that real stunts will always win over a splatter of CGI and green screens.

It is fun and thrilling that you can almost compare it with a Movie World ride, impossible not to enjoy!





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