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Starring: Michael Angarano, Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston
Director: Mike Mitchell
Rated: PG

SKY High is the name of the secondary school where superheroes send their children.

Living in a quiet suburb are Steve (Kurt Russell) and Josie (Kelly Preston) Stronghold.

In an instant they can transform themselves into the powerful Commander, and the super fast Jetstream.

The Commander and Jetstream are the most famous alumni of Sky High.

Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) is their son. He’s a late developer, so on his first day at Sky High he is passed over for the school’s “heroes stream” and placed in the “side kick class”.

Will fuses the sidekicks into a cohesive group, which is just as well because an evil villain threatens both the school and the Strongholds.

Will and his offbeat friends have to save the day. But will his superpowers be manifest in time?

Sky High is the 21st century American version of Hogwarts School.

In place of Dumbledore, we rather deliciously get former Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, as Principal Powers.

Rather than the spells and potions of Harry Potter, Sky High is interested in physical force and mental powers. But the end result is the same – defeat evil and restore order.

There are lots of fun things in this film that make it enjoyable for adults and children. There is the obligatory teen film theme of sexual awakening, but there is nothing too explicit or offensive here.

Sky High’s values are strong – the nerdish kids emerge to be the protectors of the school.

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